HOT! Free Au Bon Pain Travel Mug!

Au Bon Pain EClub Signup Linky
About a day after signing up you will receive a voucher good for a free travel mug from participating Au Bon Pain stores.
Valid in:
Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


SMOKING HOT!!! 5,000 Free Delta Skymiles!!!

Update: Unfortunately this is a targeted offer, so so only certain people will be eligible. It worked for me though!

I have added a couple more targeted links for 500 and 1,000 miles-try them out, and good luck!
It just takes a quick signup for some emails!
Almost as good as the famous 10,000 Skymiles offer from days of yore (or at least from the first 2 weeks of this site’s existence)

5,000 Mile Offer Linky
500 Mile Offer #1 Linky
500 Mile Offer #2 Linky
1,000 Mile Offer Linky


American Express Business Platinum Card Adds 2 New Benefits; Annual Fee Will Increase Beginning May 1st.

The American Express Business Platinum card will be going up from $300/year to $395/year starting on May 1st.

Many readers of site were able to get the card for negative $250 during the last Business Amex promo.

The 2 new benefits, which are effective immediately for all cardholders, are Domestic companion tickets, and Regus Executive Club Membership Office membership.

With the domestic companion benefit, any ticket $299 and above($699-$899 for Hawaii and Alaska) qualifies for a free companion ticket.
What really is unique about this companion program is that it actually works.
-There is no special fare class that you have to book in, any old ticket on one of the Big 6 airlines qualify.
-If the ticket is under $299 Amex will round the ticket up to $299 so that you can get the other ticket for free.
-You can use this program up to 4 times per calender year.
-The cardholder must be one of the travelers.
-There are some blackout dates.

The other new feature is the Regus Executive Club Membership.
You can now access offices and get free internet and refreshments in offices around the world!

The other amazing card benefits have stayed the same for the most part, some of them include:
-Free Continental, Delta, And Northwest Airline Club Access.
-Free Starwood Gold Status.
-Free elite status with Avis, Hertz, and National Rental cars.
-If any item that you buy(up to $10,000)is lost within 90 days of purchase, the money will be refunded.


SMOKING HOT!!! TODAY ONLY!!! Ebags 70% Off Sale, Plus Coupon For An Additional 20% Off $75 And Free Shipping. Plus Get A $25 Off $75 Ebags Coupon!

Ebags.com Linky
You can see some of the items up to 70% of from the homepage.

If you need a laptop case Ebags carries some really neat ones that are made by Sumdex-just search for Sumdex and choose the one you like!

You can get 10% off $35 with free shipping without any coupon codes, or use the following code for 20% off $75 with free shipping, and get a $25 off $75+free shipping Ebags coupon good for a future purchase: EMSECRET47
To enter the coupon code, go to your cart and look for the box saying “Promotional Code” in the left, gray side of the page.


New York To/From S. Francisco For $158+ RT!

NYC-SFO-$158+ RT On Northwest


Columbus To/From S. Diego For Just $100+ RT!!

Can someone say, “Skybus?”
Columbus-S. Diego-$100+ RT On United and Northwest


Free Piamenta A Capella Song!

Amazingly, Avi Piamenta made this song with just vocals, there are no instruments!
Siman Tov U’Mazal Tov-Sefira Version
HT: c.h.i. via c.o.l.


BOILING HOT! Fuji A700, 7.3 Megapixel, 3X Optical Zoom, Digital Camera For Just $65.45+Tax Shipped!!!

Update-11:25pm: DEAD!
Fuji A700 Linky
Use the following coupon for 45% off(Exp: After 1,000 uses): 4RXDSXGK$GS2T3
Thanks for the comment, bery!


BOILING HOT!!! HURRY!!! Canon SD1000 For Just $149+Tax Shipped!!!

Update-9:30pm: DEAD!
Silver SD1000 Linky
Use the following coupon for 40% off(Exp: After 1,200 uses): T37M1C?$7T74B7


List Of Tonight’s Woot’s…

List Of Tonight’s Woot’s Linky


List Of Woot-Off Checkers…

Woot-off checkers are great to leave open as a tab in your browser because they automatically update and tell you when the next woot has started…

The trick is to find one that is stable!

Here is a list of a whole bunch of them-if you find a good one be sure to come back and post it!
Woot-Off Checkers Linky


Woot-Off Starts Tonight!!!

Remember-the good deals last just a few minutes, so check often!
Who knows, you may even get to buy a Bag Of Crap…


The Backwards Future Of Air Travel???

Can you imagine having to stare at someone 2 feet away from you for an entire flight?
This has to be worst idea since the Airbus “standing room seats” idea of last year.
USAToday Article On Backwards Seats
New York Times Diagram Of Standing Seats


HOT! $10 Off $25 Coupon At Dick’s Sporting Goods!

Coupon Linky(Exp: 05/19)
Coupon requires signup in Dick’s free rewards program…


HOT! 30% Off At Eddie Bauer!

Eddie Bauer Linky
Use code(Exp:04/29): FRNDFAM


Cleveland To/From Los Angeles For $127+ RT!!!

Fare just loaded-allow up about 4 hours until it’s bookable…
It’s not quite $10, but it’s a great fare, especially for the summer travel season.
(And you’re even allowed to bring your own food onboard!)
Cleveland-LAX-$127+ RT On Midwest


Reader Request: SD Cards!

Zak asked in a comment,
“Im leaving on birthright in a month, and staying the whole summer, and I need a second 2gig SD card. If you could find me one within a week or two that’d be swell.”

Hey Zak, enjoy Israel-I’m jealous of you!!!
Having a couple of high capacity memory cards is definitely the best way to go on a vacation!
I always take tons of pictures and then turn them into a beautiful photo book(which is so much nicer than having a bunch of loose photographs, or worse, having a bunch of digital files left on your hard drive that nobody will ever get to see) thanks to Shutterfly!

Here are a few good options, most of the best deals I found are from buy.com so you can save $10 if you open a new google checkout account, or save $5 off $50 for opening a new buy.com account

Option 1: Buy.com
This will be just $12.95, but it requires a $22 Rebate:
2 GB SD Card Linky
$22 Rebate Linky(Limit:2)

Option 2: Amazon.com
This card is just $18.38, but you’ll need to get 2 of them, or add some other stuff to get free shipping if you aren’t prime.
2 GB SD Card Linky

Option 3: Buy.com
This is a 2GB SD card for $19.95 shipped-no rebate to worry about!
2 GB SD Card Linky

Option 4: Buy.com
Want a really big card? Here’s a 4GB SD card for just $32.99 shipped-no rebates!
4 GB SD Card Linky


Free 2 Year Subscription To PC Magazine!

Free PC Magazine Subscription Linky


Columbia Sportswear Men’s Rainsuit, Normally $50, Now Just $9.99!

Update: DEAD!
Columbia Sportswear Men’s Rainsuit Linky
Note that some sizes and colors are $9.99, and some are $34.95.
When you choose a $9.99 rain suit in the blue box on the right side of the page it will say “In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com”
When it says $34.95 it will say “In Stock. Ships from and sold by NorwaySports.”

Be sure that it says sold from amazon.com to get the $9.99 price and free shipping on $25 orders.

Scroll down to yesterday’s deals for fillers to get you to the $25 free shipping level.



More Skybus Info Linky
Skybus is aiming to become the Ryanair of the USA.
They will be totally no-frills, everything that can be charged for, will be charged for.
Every single Skybus flight has just 10 seats on it for $10, so don’t hesitate to buy a ticket-what do have to lose???

Their hub will be Columbus, OH.
You can fly for $10 to/from such cities as Los Angeles(Burbank, CA), Oakland CA, Seattle, and Ft. Lauderdale.

Airline info:

-With over $230 Million, no airline has ever launched with more startup capital, the previous record was Jetblue’s $130 Million.
-Skybus currently has 8 Airbus A319′s, and has orders for 57 more!
-Each plane has jsut over 150, all leather seats.
-Want to advertise? For just $500,000 a year you can plaster your name across the entire body of a Skybus plane!
-They will be flying from a lot of secondary airports:
By saying x =They really mean y:
Los Angeles=Burbank.
S. Fransisco=Oakland
Seattle=Bellingham, WA
Vancouver=Bellingham, WA
Boston=Portsmouth, NH

Here are the other airports where they mean what they actually say:
Columbus, OH.
Greensboro, NC.
Richmond, VA.
Kansas City.
Ft. Lauderdale

-Columbus, OH has given Skybus incentives worth tens of millions of dollars for the hub.
-With a huge Columbus hub promised to be developed, Ohio will now have 3 cities with major hubs, Continental in Cleveland, Delta in Cincinnati, and Skybus in Columbus. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is now the only state to have 3 separate cities with hub airports.

Policy Info:
-The gist of their policies is that all you are buying is your airfare, anything else is additional.
-The first 2 checked bags are $5 each, so it’s less than what Spirit charges.
-All tickets go to Columbus, OH. so if you want to go from Burbank to Ft. Lauderdale you will have to buy 1 ticket from Burbank to Columbus, and 1 from Columbus to Ft. Lauderdale.
-All seats are first-come, first served, however for $10 per flight you can purchase priority boarding. It is recommended to buy the priority boarding when you buy your ticket as there is only a limited amount of them sold on each flight.
-To keep costs down, all communication is currently only available by email, there is no public phone number!
-Changes to flights are $40+change in fare.
-They say that food and beverages will be for sale-so you can’t bring your own, Do you guys think that they will really enforce that?

I will continue to post more information on Skybus, so keep checking back!



Hurry! A Real Airfare Sale On Spirit! Save $12 Each Way On All Tickets!

It’s good to see a Spirit sale that makes it possible to actually take advantage of the sale!
You must book tickets by 04/24-11:59pm edt.
You must travel between May 1, 2007 to June 13, 2007 and August 15, 2007 to November 15, 2007.
Use the following code in the promo code field on the spirit homepage to save $12 off each way: 24HOURS

Thanks to reader L.L. for the heads-up!


A Few Amazon Fillers…

In case you want either the grill($22.49) or ipod case(-$1 AR) but not both here are some more filler options to get above the free shipping threshold…

Russell Athletic Workout T-Shirt-$5.99
Motorola Bluetooth Headset Carrying Care-$6.99
Izzue Blue Dress Shirt-$7.89


SIZZLING HOT! HURRY! George Foreman Family Sized Grill, Normally $79.99, Now Just $22.49 From Amazon!!!

Update: DEAD!
Free shipping if you’re prime, otherwise you’ll need to add $2.51 to get free shipping…
George Foreman Family Sized Grill Linky


HOT! Speck ToughSkin+Belt Clip For 2nd Generation iPod Nanos For Negative $1 After $19.99 Online Rebate From Amazon!!!

Free shipping if you’re prime, otherwise you’ll need to add $6.01 to get free shipping…
The rebate can be submitted online after you get the item!

2G Nano Case Linky
$19.99 Rebate Linky(Exp: 04/30)


Get $25 Restaurant Certificates, Plus A Bonus $10 GC With Every Order, For $4 Or Less!!!

Be sure to use this link so you can support this site while you save!
Restaurant.com Linky
Bonus $10 GC Linky
Enter the following code in your cart and then click “recalculate”: April (Exp: 4/30)

Kosher restaurants include:
-BB’s Bagels-Category: American-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20
-De’nali’s-Category: Vegetarian-$10 Off $20 Certificate For $1.20
-Michael C’s-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-The Great Chicago Food & Beverage-Category: American-$10 Off $30 For $1.20
Los Angeles:
-Delice Bakery-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Tea For Two-Category: Italian-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20 or $25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
New York:
-Abigael’s-Category: American-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Bistro Grill-Category: French-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Da Mikelle II-Category Italian-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Domani’s Ristorante-Category: Italian-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Park East Grill-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4*
-Talia’s Steakhouse-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4*
If You Find Any More Kosher Restaurants Then Please Post A Comment!
Please Note: Certificates are valid for dine-in only, and may have other restrictions!
*To get the $4 price at Park East Grill or Talia’s Steakhouse, you must purchase a $25 gift certificate for a “friend” in the “give a gift” section, and then redeem that restaurant.com GC for the actual restaurant certificate that you want…


More $100+ RT Sale Fares From Northwest!

This is not a complete list of the $100 fares…
Los Angeles-Baltimore-$100+ RT On Northwest
Los Angeles-Indianapolis-$100+ RT On Northwest
Los Angeles-Nashville-$100+ RT On Northwest
Los Angeles-Philadelphia-$100+ RT On Northwest
Phoenix-Baltimore-$100+ RT On Northwest
Phoenix-Detroit-$100+ RT On Northwest
Phoenix-Indianapolis-$100+ RT On Northwest
Phoenix-Nashville-$100+ RT On Northwest
Phoenix-Philadelphia-$100+ RT On Northwest


HOT! Columbus, OH Airfare Deals!!!

These are only valid for travel in May…
These airfares are not yet available to book! They will be bookable within the next few hours or so…
Columbus-Los Angeles-$100+ RT On Northwest
Columbus-S. Diego-$100+ RT On Northwest
Columbus-Portland, OR-$100+ RT On Northwest


2 GB USB Flash Drive For $12.64 After $20 Rebate! ($2.64 With New GCO)

2 GB USB Flash Drive Linky
$20 Rebate Linky


HOT!!!! HURRY!!! Free $10 GC For Lowe’s!!!

You have to call up a number to get the GC, however it is a totally automated process!
Just call 1-877-569-3740 and then enter prize code 6-7251-7806-3404-7370.
There is no need to go to the promo website, but here it is anyway:
Lowe’s Promo Site Linky
As always there’s no guarantee that you will get this-so good luck!


HOT! Citi Identity Monitor Credit Score Service-Normally $12.95/Month, Now Just $4.95/Month!

This service lets you check all 3 of your credit scores, and all 3 of your full credit reports.
It also alerts you by email of any changes.
$4.95/Month Signup Linky
Just beware that the $4.95 offer doesn’t come with the first month free as the standard $12.95/month offer comes with.


Sign Up For "Thanks Again," Get 500 Free Miles, Make a Purchase And Get Another 500 Miles!

You must give these guys a credit card number to sign up so that they can track your purchases.
If you just want the signup bonus there’s no reason that you can’t give them a citi virtual card number or prepaid card number…
In my area it appears that the only current merchants they have are dry-cleaners.
500 Free United Miles Linky
500 Free Continental Miles Linky
500 Free Delta Miles Linky


$5 Off $50 At Buy.com When Opening A New Buy.com Account!

A new buy.com account only requires a new email address…
Coupon Linky(Exp: 04/30)


Express Coupons!

15% Off Non-Redlined(Clearance) Items Coupon Linky (Exp: 05/01)
15% Off 2 Or More Redlined Ttems Coupon Linky (Exp: 04/22)


HOT! HURRY! $10 Off Any Purchase At Shoebuy! Plus Save An Additional 10% When You Open Register With A New Account!!!

Update 4: DEAD!

Update 3: I have included direct links to all styles of crocs that shoebuy sells, get your tisha b’av shoes now while they’re cheap!

Update 2: If only all codes were so easy to figure out! Here is today’s $10 off $10 code: msncm04202007

Update: The code below is now expired, here is a new code: msncm04192007

Shoebuy offers free shipping and free return shipping!

Shoebuy Linky

Just follow the above link an create a new account while checking out and you’ll save an additional 10%!!!

Use the following code for $10 off $10: msncm04182007

Here are some direct links for their Adult Crocs:
Prices listed are before and after the $10 and 10% Off!

Adults Crocs Athens-$29.95/$17.95
Adults Crocs Cayman-$30.95/$18.85
Crocs Scutes-$32.45/$20.20
Crocs Professional-$35.45/$22.90
Adults Crocs Endeavor-$37.95/$25.15
Crocs Off-Road-$39.95/$26.95
Crocs Crete-$39.95/$26.95
Crocs All-Terrain-$59.95/$44.95


La Crosse Wireless Weather Station/Atomic Clock, Normally $75, Now Just $39.99 Shipped From Amazon!

La Crosse Wireless Weather Station Linky
Get A Free Subscription To Domino Magazine With Purchase.


HOT! Free Shipping And 20% Off $75 At Gap.com When Using A GapCard!

Gap.com Linky(Using this link helps support this site!)
20% Off Code: (Exp. 05/06): GCSUMRWD
Free Shipping Code: FREESHIP

Both codes require the use of a GapCard.

Don’t have a GapCard?
It’s a very easy card to get, and it’s a good card to start building your credit with.
You can apply for it via the link on the Gap homepage.


Up For Grabs! $10 Gift Card At Gap.com For A Loyal Ctown Reader!

A little something to celebrate getting 600,000 hits…
You must pay with you GapCard to qualify for the $10.
This code is good for only one use: Bc6kwjp05jmq
Please leave a comment once it’s used!
Be sure to go to gap with the following link!
Gap.com Linky


Northwest Gets Rid Of Free Standby!

Effective April 24, Northwest Airlines will no longer offer the ability to standby for a same day flight for free.

They casually slipped this policy change into a press release touting a new $25 confirmed standby, which the other major carriers have had for a long time already.(Gotta’ love marketing…)

Confirmed standby allows you to change your flight, on the day of departure, to any other flight departing the same day for $25 if seats are available.

The only difference is that NWA will require you to pay $25, whereas AA, Continental, Delta, And United all allow you to standby for free for a same day flight if you dont want to pay $25 for confirmed standby.

Will the other major carriers match? We’ll have to wait and see…but I can’t imagine at least a couple not going along with NWA…


250 Free AAdvantage Miles!!!

Sign up for a free points.com account-get 250 free AA miles!!!
It says that a citi AA credit card is required-but it’s not!
250 Free AAdvantage Miles Linky


Get 3 Flash Memory Formats With 1 Purchase! 2GB Micro-SD With Adapters For Mini-SD And Full-Size SD Cards For $35.95 Shipped! ($25.95 With New GCO)

Update: DEAD!
2GB Micro-SD With Mini-SD and SD Card Adapters Linky


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