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Spend Pesach In A Luxurious Four Seasons Resort; Take Advantage Of Everything Whistler Has To Offer

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, 9:30 pm

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Pesach on the Mountain is back for its 6th year at the Four Seasons Resort in beautiful Whistler, BC.

The Four Seasons Resort Whistler is world-renowned for its highly personalized service. The incredible staff will get to know your name and your every need as they create a luxurious Pesach experience you will never forget at the only AAA 5 diamond hotel in Whistler. All rooms in the resort are oversized with a balcony, separate shower and soaking tub, and have a fireplace for a warm and cozy environment.


The entire resort will be OK Kosher for Pesach and non-gebroktz. All meat will be Glatt kosher and all dairy, Cholov Yisroel. Even the Nespresso machines found in each room will be kashered for Pesach and replenished daily with kosher for Pesach coffee pods!

Pesach on the Mountain’s exclusive program hosts only 400 guests, far smaller than typical Pesach resorts, creating a more personal and intimate environment.

Our kids camp will keep your kids entertained while giving their parents time to explore Whistler or relax at the spa. The only trick will be getting them to leave the camp when the day is over!

The in-house restaurants will feature food prepared by the award-winning Four Seasons’ chefs:


Whistler is consistently rated as the #1 ski resort in North America and one of the top in the world. It has something for everyone with options that run the gamut from beginner to double black diamond on its majestic mountains. Whistler and Blackcomb mountains receive 39 feet of annual snowfall and will have excellent ski conditions in April with slopes for all skill levels.


Whistler also offers a plethora of activities to keep the whole family entertained including golf, mountain biking, hiking, snow-mobiling, snow-tubing, dog-sledding, zip-lining, bungee-jumping, snowshoeing, ice-skating, fishing, canoeing, riding on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, and shopping in the European-style village. You’ll never want to leave!

$100USD converts into $132 CAD, making activities a bargain for Americans.

Speakers at the program will include:
-Rabbi Efraim Mintz: Founder and Executive Director of JLI.
-Rabbi Shlomo Seidenfeld: Renowned teacher and speaker.
-Ami Horowitz: Media personality and YouTube celebrity.
-Dini Klein: Foodie, personal chef, and the founder of Dini Delivers.
-Daniel Eleff: Founder of Dan will host sessions to share travel and mileage tips and offer tailored advice for our guests.

Our program is already more than 2/3rds full, so time is running out if you want to join.

You can find out more about our program here, email us at info@pesachonthemountain.comor call us at 877-960-1597

Fill out this form to request a brochure with more info.

Join Me For Pesach In Whistler!

Sunday, December 18th, 2016, 4:58 pm

I’ve been invited to spend Pesach 2017 with Pesach on the Mountain at the Four Seasons in beautiful Whistler, BC.

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Schneur Wineberg’s Pesach on the Mountain program for years. People that have attended have raved about everything from the incredible food, to the lectures and entertainment, from the skiing to the kids camp. While on 20 hour jaunt to NY last week I bumped into one attendee who confessed to me that she felt like a bad mother when her kids never wanted to leave the camp!

My wife and I took a quick 44 hour trip to Vancouver in August (I’m a sucker for that trip when Cathay opens up First class award space from JFK-YVR. I did it in 2012 for exactly zero miles plus tax round-trip, though this time I actually had to redeem the miles 😉 ) and we managed to bump into Schneur at several of Vancouver’s kosher eateries. He gave us great activity suggestions while we talked points and miles. Of course that led to discussion about his world class Pesach program and I’m thrilled to be able to attend it for Pesach 2017.


The in-house dairy restaurant with food prepared by the Four Seasons’ executive chef:




In 2014, I attended the Smilow’s Pesach program in Weston, FL. There I was able to talk points and miles in an intimate setting where I could give presentations and one-on-one suggestions in a way that is impossible in a 600 person large scale seminar. I’m looking forward to being able to do that once again in Whistler.

Pesach on the Mountain will offer an even more intimate experience than in 2014 as they only host 400 total guests at the fully OK Kosher for Pesach resort, the only AAA 5 diamond hotel in Whistler.

All meat is Glatt kosher, all dairy is Cholov Yisroel, and the program is fully non-gebroktz.

The program sweats the fine details, even the Nespresso machines in each room are kashered for Pesach and replenished daily with kosher for Pesach coffee pods!


























Whistler offers a plethora of activities including golf, mountain biking, hiking, snow-mobiling, zip-lining, fishing, canoeing, riding on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, and shopping in the European-style village.

But it’s most famous for some of the best skiing on the continent with options that run the gamut from beginner to double black diamond on its majestic mountains. Both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are open for Skiing in April with slopes for all skill levels.













Whistler is a 90 minute drive from Vancouver along the stunning Sea to Sky highway, which is an attraction unto itself:












You can find out more about the program here, email info@pesachonthemountain.comor call 877-960-1597

Fill out this form to request a brochure with more info.

Will I see you at the program? Hit the comments!

Looking To Burn Some Delta Skypesos? Bid On A 7 Night Residence In Whistler At A Bargain Rate Within The Next Few Minutes…

Monday, March 21st, 2016, 2:37 pm

Delta’s miles are some of the hardest to use. They make it far more difficult to get a decent value from miles than any other airline and they don’t even publish an award chart anymore. The Skypesos moniker is well deserved.

Their auctions though can be worth a look.

For example if you are able to escape to beautiful Whistler, BC from May 8-15, you can bid on a 4 bedroom residence from Exclusive Resorts.

“As a SkyMiles® member, you’re invited to enjoy a seven (7) night stay in one of Exclusive Resorts’ stunning four-bedroom private residences in Whistler, British Columbia offering more than 4,200 square feet of exquisitely finished living space. Located at Kadenwood Estates, an intimate and cozy mountain retreat, this home features a unique, rustic design with a spacious gourmet kitchen with a large barn door separating it from the media room. In the living room, a birch bark canoe is suspended from the ceiling. Located high in the mountains above Whistler Creekside Village, you’ll feel a closeness with nature rarely found in any top mountain resort.
-Personalized pre-trip planning and dedicated on-site Concierge
-Private hot tub
-Outdoor grill
-Ski-In / Ski-Out access
-Spa access
-Washer & Dryer
-Steam shower”

The auction ends at 3pm ET, though it’s extended for another 5 minutes every time there’s a bid.

The current bid is just 53K miles. The value of the house rental in Whistler is likely around $5,000, so you can get quite a decent value from your Skypesos with this auction.

Cathay Pacific flies the most luxurious flight within North America from JFK to Vancouver. They typically don’t open award space until closer to the flight, but they actually have 1 first class award and 2 business class awards from May 8th from JFK-Vancouver that you can lock in before the AA devaluation tomorrow when business goes from 25K to 32.5K and first goes from 32.5K to 50K each way. You can lock in more space by booking travel for other dates that have award space and changing the dates for free when space opens up on flights that you want, though you’ll have to pay a redeposit fee if it never opens. You have to call AA to book awards on Cathay Pacific.

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Settlers Of Catan For $25.75 From Amazon, 6 Player Expansion Pack For $17.99

Thursday, April 20th, 2017, 11:08 am

Settlers Of Catan For $25.75 

Settlers Of Catan 6 Player Expansion Pack For $17.99

The regular Catan game is for 3-4 players and the expansion pack allows 5-6 players to join in on the fun.

These are both record low prices on Amazon for the current edition of Catan.

I just got back from Pesach on the Mountain in Whistler where they had a few games of Catan that seemed to always be in use. I suggested that they make a Catan tournament next year due to its popularity!


Settlers Of Catan is one of the best board games ever made and I’m a huge fan. Don’t judge me, so are the Green Bay Packers. The biggest advantage of it over traditional games like Risk or Monopoly is that you are forced to change your strategy every time you play as the board is set up randomly and is never the same as the last time. Plus it can be played in just 1-2 hours.

Free shipping with $35+ orders or get free 2nd day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student.

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If I Have To Give A Few Thoughts On The United Incident…

Friday, April 14th, 2017, 11:50 am

I’m currently on “vacation” until next Wednesday at a Pesach program at the Four Seasons in Whistler, Canada. Though my vacation consists of giving 4 lectures/presentations here at the program, the out-of-this-world food, service, and entertainment make it an awesome experience.

At any rate several people have asked why I haven’t written about United incident with Dr. David Dao. There are even conspiracy theories on DDF and people asking why I bashed Delta and not United.

1. I’ve been enjoying some time offline this week.

2. Obviously the videos were horrific.

I am definitely sympathetic towards Dr. Dao. Nobody should be treated as he was. There is no excuse for that. But while some blogs have had dozens of breathless posts on the topic with flip-flopping opinions, I don’t find it all that interesting from an aviation perspective.

At the end of the day the Delta meltdown was a systemwide failure and was exacerbated by their own arrogance and greed while the United incident was a single isolated incident. Obviously the United videos were painful to watch and generated much more coverage, but the Delta meltdown impacted hundreds of thousands of people…does that make me callous?

3. United could have avoided this entire situation by empowering their employees to hand out higher value travel vouchers. It makes zero sense to limit voluntary denied boarding compensation to $800 in travel vouchers when they will have to pay out $1,350 in cash in an involuntary denied boarding situation.

There is no excuse for this. This incident doesn’t happen with employees that are properly empowered to fix situations like this by raising the compensation to a level that would entice volunteers to leave the plane.

4. I do think that one good thing from this incident is that all airlines will increase their gate agent’s ability to offer higher denied boarding compensation when the situation calls for it.

When I was single I’d spend days in airports getting bumped from flight to flight and wind up with thousands of dollars in vouchers and an upgrade to first class. But when traveling with small children it would take an awful lot to get me to give up my seat.

5. The memes making fun of United are hysterical, but for the 2nd time in a month, United winds up on the short-end of the reporting. Last month social media went nuts that girls in leggings were denied boarding by United. But as they were flying on employee buddy passes they would have known that they needed to follow the dress code if they wanted to fly for free and that means you can’t wear spandex as pants. Is that a fair rule? I don’t know, but if you’re trying to travel on an employee pass then you don’t have much choice in the matter. Violating those rules will cause headaches for the employee.

Every airline involuntarily denies boarding, and yes, sometimes that happens on the plane. Most people know that if you don’t follow crew instructions on a plane that you’re going to be arrested. Obviously you don’t expect to be knocked unconscious and lose 2 teeth in the process, but I’m not sure that United is worthy of all the hate sent their way. Pretty much every airline would do and have done the exact same thing by getting the authorities involved.

6. Many people seem to think that it was United agents that directly caused bodily harm to Dr. Dao, but it was the Chicago Aviation police force agents that did the real dirty work here. Why isn’t there more outrage directed at the Chicago Aviation police force for how they dealt with the situation?

7. Pro tip if you don’t want to wind up being kicked off a flight: Check-in to your flight online 24 hours in advance and make sure you have an assigned seat. If you aren’t an elite member, traveling on a full fare ticket, or traveling with small children, then United will likely prioritize who they deny boarding to based on their time of checkin. Last to checkin, especially if they don’t have a seat assignment, will be the first to lose their place on the plane.

8. We will see fewer cases of involuntary denied boardings because of this incident, and that’s a very good outcome. So we all owe some thanks to Dr. Dao, who will likely get a nice retirement nest egg settlement from United very soon so that they can bury this story without a drawn out court case.

Delta’s Nightmare Week Has Been Made Worse By Their Own Greed

Sunday, April 9th, 2017, 11:32 am

I’m currently on a United flight to Vancouver for Pesach.

Over the past few days I’ve had several friends reach out to me for help dealing with Delta cancellations while trying to fly for Pesach as well.

The last week has been a nightmare for Delta with thousands of cancelled flights. Last week’s operations issues have even spilled over into today as well. The monitors I saw in the airport confirmed that Delta flights were still a mess.

2 years ago Delta executives realized that their operational performance was much better than American’s and United’s performance. Delta had several years head start in the merger wars by swallowing Northwest earlier than United merged with Continental and American merged with USAirways.

American and United were experiencing merger pains and were increasingly reliant on Delta to accommodate their customers during irregular operations. So Delta gave American and United an ultimatum. Pay a much higher rate to take care of their customers or they would rip up their interline agreement that allows airlines to accommodate their passengers on other airlines.

United agreed to the significant rate hike, but American refused. Since then American and Delta will generally not accommodate passengers for each other. And with only 3 major network carriers left in the US, that is bad news when American or Delta have operational issues.

It meant that American refused to accommodate us on a Delta flight to London during our fiasco in November 2015.

It’s actually a nice unadvertised perk when flying United that they are able to accommodate on American or Delta. American or Delta won’t accommodate passengers on each other, meaning there are fewer alternate flight options available during irregular operations.

It wasn’t the end of the world that we didn’t make it to London. London clearly just doesn’t want me there as I’ve run into airline operations issues all 3 times I’ve booked flights there. Though to be fair, all 3 times were on OneWorld’s American or British Airways. Perhaps I’ll use another alliance if I try again.

One of the many reasons I avoid ultra-low cost carriers like Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit is their lack of interline agreements with any other airlines. When issues arise, it can be days before they can reaccommodate you.

Southwest and JetBlue typically have more frequent flights and better operations. The major network carriers also have more interline options.

While Delta normally does run a tight ship, the past week has proven that no airline is immune to systemwide problems.

And their own greed which led to their lack of an interline agreement with American has meant that it has been harder for them to get their passengers going where they need to be.

It’s something to think about the next time you need to get somewhere and can’t afford not to make it to your destination.

Schedule Change On A Partner Airline Award Ticket? It’s Going To Take A Whole Lot Of HUCA, But Don’t Give Up!

Sunday, February 26th, 2017, 12:03 pm

I book dozens of trips a year, but have never had quite the experience like this one.

But I live by my HUCA motto. Hang Up and Call Again until you get the answer you need. I needed every bit of that motivation to solve this case.

I’ll be spending this Pesach in Whistler and have been looking for the best tickets to Vancouver for some time.

Back in 2012 I flew with Mimi and Rafi for zero miles out of pocket in Cathay Pacific First Class from JFK to Vancouver and in Cathay Pacific Business Class from Vancouver to JFK thanks to BMI handing out free miles for opening accounts and allowing free Avios transfers to BA.

Last August Mimi and I flew from JFK to Vancouver and back in Cathay Pacific First Class again, not free, but still a bargain with Alaska miles. Cathay Pacific’s first class is easily the best seat and bed in the sky.

I love Vancouver and it doesn’t hurt to have an amazing flight:

#TonightsRide #GoFirstOrGoHome

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Amazing food:

It's #HardToBeat #Steak on #GarlicBread

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And an amazing hotel in the Fairmont Pacific Rim, made even better thanks to my lifetime free suites, bottles of scotch, and massages at Fairmont hotels:

#SoakingUpTheView in the #SignatureOfuroRoom at #FairmontPacificRim

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However Cathay typically opens award space closer to the flight, and I needed to have confirmed flights for Pesach.

Read about the pickle I got myself in and the HUCAs it took to resolve everything after the jump:



Trip Notes: Eating Our Way Through Montreal

Sunday, July 12th, 2015, 10:46 am

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I was last in Montreal over 5 years ago for my brother Dovid’s wedding. I was impressed with Montreal’s kosher scene and made a mental note to return during a less hectic time, and preferably when it wasn’t snowing outside 🙂

So we planned a trip this year over Canada Day (July 1st) to take advantage of the numerous festivals that occur then.

We’ve spent a summer vacation in Canada over each of the past 4 years.

-Vancouver (click here for trip notes from 2012) is a beautiful city with a nice vibe and a small but quality kosher food scene.  We didn’t make it to nearby Whistler, but hope to one day.

-Banff (click here for trip notes from 2013) is one of the most stunning places in the world. No kosher food, but truly a must-see for everyone.  I definitely plan on returning when the kids are older and can appreciate the amazing hikes and lakes there.

-Niagara Falls (click here for trip notes from 2014) is a bit touristy for me, though I’ve been spoiled by Brazil’s Iguaçu Falls. Toronto is a very clean city with a large kosher scene, though none of the food stands out as exceptional.  There are lots of activities in the area though, including an excellent safari.

Montreal has by far and away the best kosher scene food in the country and can hold up its own against anywhere in the world. The activity scene itself is somewhat limited, but the festivals make up for it, if you time the trip right.  If you have the time to venture out to the Laurentians or Quebec City you’ll probably find more to do. The Francophone flavor adds a bit of intrigue to the city, but for the good and the bad, Montreal is no Paris.


Lamb Poutine from Mediterraneo:














Read more about the trip after the jump:


Save Up To 50% On Select Starwood Hotel Redemptions!

Friday, November 30th, 2012, 12:11 am

Update: 11/30: Today is the final day to register for this awesome promotion.  You can still book after today as long as you register your account by today.
I’ll be hitting up one of the hotels below for the first time myself combining a 5th night free award with the 50% off for a whopping 60% total Starpoint discount!


Originally posted on 10/18:

Many people transfer their Starwood Starpoints into airline miles.  It offers a lucrative transfer ratio, 20,000 Starpoints becomes 25,000 miles with most airlines or even 50,000 with OneWorld’s LAN.

However using Starpoints for hotel redemptions can be very lucrative.  There are no blackout dates or capacity controls, if a standard room is for sale you can use points for it, even during peak travel times.  Additionally if you redeem for 4 nights you get the 5th night for free.

Starwood has a great new promotion that will rebate up to half of the points you use for select resorts. (Registration required)

All you need to do is have at least one night of your stay occur between 10/21 and 12/20 and you will receive a rebate for points used for the entire stay, even if just one night falls within the promo dates!

-You must register your SPG number by 11/30 to receive the points rebate.

-This promotion applies for standard Starwood free nights and 5th night free awards.  It does not apply for cash and points, nights and flight, or for suite awards.

-If you stay 2 nights at a category 4 (10,000 points per night) hotel you will pay 20,000 points and get a 10,000 point rebate. If you stay 5 nights at the same hotel you will pay 40,000 points and get a 20,000 point rebate.

-There is no limit to the amount of times you can take advantage of this promotion.

-You will receive the rebate automatically within 4-6 weeks after checking out.

-As always, Starwood award stays qualify towards elite status qualification.
Normal point requirements (Every 5th consecutive night is always free)
Starwood category 4 is 10,000 points per night. There are no peak season dates for hotels in categories 1-4.
Starwood category 5 is 12,000 or 16,000 points per night during peak season.
Starwood category 6 is 20,000 or 25,000 points per night during peak season.
Starwood category 7 is 30,000 or 35,000 points per night during peak season.
These hotels qualify for a 50% points rebate:
Category 7 properties (15K-17.5K after the rebate):
• The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico, USA
No peak season around the promo times.
• The St. Regis Bal Harbor Resort, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
No peak season around the promo times.
• W South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Peak: 12/03/2012-2/09/2012 and 12/26/2012-1/01/2013
• The St. Regis Aspen Resort, Colorado, USA
Peak: 12/20/2012-1/02/2013

Category 6 property (10K after the rebate):
• The St. Regis Monarch Beach, Dana Point, California, USA
No peak season around the promo times.

Category 5 properties (6K-8K after the rebate):
• The Phoenician, a Luxury Collection Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Peak: 11/25/2012-12/29/2012
• The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida, USA
No peak season around the promo times.
These hotels qualify for a 40% points rebate:
Category 6 property (12K after the rebate):
• W Retreat & Spa — Vieques, Puerto Rico, USA
No peak season around the promo times.
Category 5 properties (7.2K-9.6K after the rebate):
• The Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada
Peak: 12/21/2012-01/05/2013
• The Westin St. John Resort & Villas, Virgin Islands, USA
No peak season around the promo times.
• The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa, Cayman Islands
Peak: 11/25/2012-12/01/2012, 12/12/2012-01/01/2013
Category 4 properties (6K after the rebate):
• The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa, Rancho Mirage, California, USA
• The Westin Resort & Casino, Aruba
• Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino, Bahamas
These hotels qualify for a 30% points rebate:
Category 6 property (14K-17.5K after the rebate):
• The St. Regis Deer Valley, Park City, Utah, USA
Peak: 12/14/2012-01/01/2013
Category 5 properties (8.4K-11.2K after the rebate):
• Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
Peak: 12/20/2012-01/02/2013
• The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
No peak season around the promo times.
• The Westin Whistler Resort & Spa, British Columbia, Canada
Peak: 11/24/2012-01/02/2013
Category 4 properties (7K after the rebate):
• Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, Chandler, Arizona, USA
• The Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort, San Antonio, Texas, USA
• The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, Georgia, USA

Amazon Black Friday Week Lightning Deals

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012, 6:20 pm

Update #2: I just nabbed the Sony 32GB SD card for just $12.99 plus Amazon offered me $1 Amazon Video credit if I accepted standard shipping in lieu of my Prime 2nd day shipping.
The main tip to remember when going for these deals is to wait on the page where the upcoming item is displayed before the time it will start. The page will refresh automatically and you need to add it to your cart right away once you see the add to cart button. You then have 15 minutes to complete checkout.

Update: Black Friday Week Lightning deals at Amazon is still ongoing and this post will be updated as new upcoming items are added. Post a comment with what you find!

Locate what you want before the sale starts so you can claim the discount as soon as the sale opens. You need to be quick to grab an awesome deal!
If you live in NY but know someone who lives in NJ or any other state remember that you can save on sales tax by shipping it there.

For example for today, 11/22:
-At 3:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a HP Envy 4 14″ Ultrabook
-At 5:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a Brother Business All-in-One Printer
-At 5:59pm EST today there will be a deal on a Oster Extra Capacity Convection Oven
-At 6:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a HP Envy 6 15.6″ Sleekbook
-At 6:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a Sony 16GB and 32GB Class 10 SD Card
-At 6:59pm EST today there will be a deal on a 50″ 1080p TV for under $300.
-At 7:29pm EST today there will be a deal on a TomTom XXL 540TM GPS (Lifetime Traffic & Maps Edition)
-At 7:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a Western Digital Portable 500GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
-At 8:29pm EST today there will be a deal on a VIZIO 60″ 1080p 120Hz Razor LED
-At 8:59pm EST today there will be a deal on a 32″ 720p TV for $147.
-At 9:29pm EST today there will be a deal on a Canon Elph 520 deal.
-At 9:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a Toshiba 17.3″ Laptop
-At 10:29pm EST today there will be a deal on a Whistler High-Performance Radar Detector
-At 10:29pm EST today there will be a deal on a PYLE 9″ Wireless Automobile Flip Down Monitor
-At 10:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a Acer Aspire 11.6″ Laptop
-At 11:29pm EST today there will be a deal on a iHome Dual Alarm Stereo Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod
-At 11:39pm EST today there will be a deal on a ASUS 15.6″ Laptop

For early morning tomorrow, 11/23:
-At 12:29am EST there will be a deal on a 7th generation 16GB iPod Nano.
-At 12:29am EST there will be a deal on a Panasonic 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D TV with 4 Pairs of Polarized 3D Glasses.
-At 12:29am EST there will be a deal on a 4th generation 16GB iPod Touch.
-At 12:39am EST there will be a deal on a Acer Aspire 15.6″ Laptop
-At 1:29am EST there will be a deal on a 5th generation 32GB iPod Touch.
-At 1:39am EST there will be a deal on a Samsung Series 5 14″ Laptop.
Originally posted on 11/19:

Related: Amazon Holiday Return Policy Now In Effect
Amazon Black Friday Week Lightning Deals Linky

Throughout this week Amazon will be having lightning deal sales.  The deals are constantly rotating from now until Black Friday and sell out at specific times or earlier if all discounts are claimed. You have 15 minutes to checkout once you claim a discount. New deals are starting around the clock, so keep clicking back as the best deals sell out quickly.

If you have a Chase Ink Bold, Ink Plus, Ink Cash, or Ink Classic card you can buy gift cards to stores like Amazon at office supply stores and earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent (or about a 9.5% rebate).  You can also buy Amazon gift cards at Best Buy to earn over 5 points per dollar this quarter with Chase Freedom or with any AMEX card via Twitter.

You can sort the lightning deals by category and by upcoming deals only.

For example for today, 11/19:
-At 1:29pm EST today there will be a Nuvi GPS deal
-At 2:29pm EST there will be a deal on a 7th generation 16GB iPod Nano.
-At 3:29pm EST there will be a deal on a 4th generation 16GB iPod Touch.
-At 4:29pm EST there will be a deal on a 5th generation 32GB iPod Touch.

Post a comment if you land a deal!

HOT! Get $75 Off Jetsetter Hotels!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012, 10:26 pm

Update: DEAD!

Jetsetter Linky (Many thanks for signing up through my referral link!)

During checkout click on “Redeem Promo Code or Gift Card” (located under the credit card field) and then use the following code for $75 off hotels: jetset75

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is $69+tax on January 2nd for example. After applying the code the total will be just $4 with tax! Or splurge for the Mandarin Oriental for $205.

The Andaz West Hollywood, an excellent Hyatt LA hotel with a panoramic rooftop pool, can be had for under $200 after tax with the code.

Hotel Victor in South Beach is as low as $151 after tax with the code. Or splurge for the Fontainebleau for $262.

The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island of Hawaii (Now with a kosher restaurant…and where else can you consistently view lava flow into the ocean and go from snow-capped mountain to Beach in under an hour?) for just $134 after tax with the code!

The Shangri-La in fantastic Chiang Mai (trip notes here) is just $91 with tax after the code.

Hotel Pulitzer in Buenos Aires (home to what is one of my favorite kosher restaurants in the world) is $57 with tax after the code.

Cadaques Caribe Resort in the Dominican Republic is $61 with tax after the code.

Crystal Lodge & Suites in Whistler is just $15 with tax after the code.

Hotel Rex
in S. Francisco is just $37 with tax after the code.

2 nights at the Kauai Beach Resort can be had for $241 with tax after the code.

A Washington D.C. Mystery Hotel can be had for $79 with tax after the code.

Find other great deals with the code? Post a comment!

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Trip Notes: Vancouver.

Plus: A Comparison Of Cathay Pacific Business Versus First Class

Monday, September 10th, 2012, 1:27 am

-Find more articles like this by clicking on the “Trip Notes” tab on top of the DansDeals banner at the top of this site.

A couple weeks ago I asked for your Vancouver tips and got lots of them, so first of all thanks for your help!  The suggestions were great and anyone going to Vancouver should definitely look through them.













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SIZZLING HOT!!! HURRY!!! Get Lifetime Fairmont President’s Club Platinum Status With A Free Night In A Suite In Any Fairmont EVERY YEAR!!!

PLUS A Night In The Presidential Suite At The Fairmont San Francisco For Just $2,000 From Living Social!!!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011, 10:35 am

Update 3: All packages are now sold out! Congrats to everyone who got one!

Update 2: The $2,000 package is now SOLD OUT!!! You can still purchase the $10,000 penthouse package with the free Maserati rental, Tiffany’s China for 4, and much more…

Update: I have contacted Fairmont President’s Club and the San Fransisco hotel’s sales staff. They both confirmed that as a lifetime Platinum member you will get the same benefits as a regular Platinum member every single year, so you will get the free night and free suite certificates just like if you earned the status the hard way by staying in Fairmont hotels for 30 night every year!
You also do not need to use the free Presidential Suite in San Fransisco in order to get the lifetime Platinum status!

Sign up for a new Living Social account with this link and you’ll get $5 off your first purchase!

Then click on this link to purchase the Fairmont Lifetime Platinum Status+Free Presidential Suite Offer

Although the deal says it’s $10,000, just click buy now and you will be able to select the $2,000 package!
“Both Packages Include Health Club and Group Exercise Classes, Wi-Fi, and Permanent Platinum Status to The Fairmont’s President’s Club Program

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This offer is for lifetime top-tier Platinum status in the Fairmont President’s Club program!

Here is a list of all of the exclusive Fairmont properties worldwide, including The Plaza New York, The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, The Fairmont Banff Springs, The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, The Savoy London, and many more!

Platinum status gets you a free night certificate good at any Fairmont property every year with no minimum stay required!!! Seemingly (at least as far as I understand) with lifetime Platinum status you will get a free night every single year!  When you normally earn Platinum status (through staying 10 times or 30 nights in Fairmont hotels) you definitely get a free night certificate with your yearly Platinum credentials package.

When your Platinum status is activated you will get your free night certificate in your welcome package good through 02/28/12!

The other benefits that Platinum gets you are also amazing:
-2 confirmed suite upgrade certificates every year (valid for up to 5 nights)
-2 confirmed room upgrade certificates every year (valid for up to 5 nights)
(Upgrade certificates can be used together with free night certificates and all certificates are transferable to family members!)
-Complimentary access to BMW courtesy vehicles and bikes in Canadian hotels and resorts.
-Complimentary access to Lexus courtesy vehicles in U.S. Hotels and Resorts.
-$100 dining or spa certificate every year
-Free internet access and local calls every stay
-1,000 airline miles per stay
-Guaranteed early check-in and check-out
-Personalized welcome amenity every stay

Now that’s just for the Platinum status. The main part of the deal (which is basically just gravy!) is a free night in a presidential suite in San Francisco good through 12/31/11.


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