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How many site features are you taking advantage of?

  • Discuss or ask about whatever is on your mind and dig deeper into all kinds of deals at DDF (DansDeals Forums) at dansdeals.com/forums.  There are now 6,540 DDF members who have made 445,243 posts in 21,012 different topics!  Feel free to browse the wealth of information there and click on “register” in order to be able to start posting your own tips or ask questions about anything you’d like to know about.  After you register just click on the appropriate forum (Trip/Destination Reports, Credit Cards, Goods For Sale, Up In The Air, etc.) and you can search for information (always start with a search as your question has probably already been answered!), add your own new thread topic, or reply to any existing one.  It’s fun and easy!  Need help with registering or getting started? Just post a comment right on this post and I’ll help you out!
  • Join the 6,300+ people following the DansDeals.com facebook group who used to get instant email alerts of only the hottest deals before facebook stupidly turned off the “email group” feature.  Now it’s more of a poorly organized forum for people too lazy to join DDF.
  • 6,456 people receive a daily digest of everything posted on Dansdeals.com via Google’s Feedburner service!  Bear in mind that with this service you will receive emails a day after a deal is posted, so there’s a decent chance that by the time you get the email the deal will be dead already…which is why I prefer the twitter option.  It seems to be a favorite pastime of Feedburner subscribers to email me asking how dare I send them an email of deals after the deal is already dead.  At any rate to subscribe just locate the “Google Feedburner” section in the sidebar of this site, enter your email address, and subscribe. You can also use the Feedburner RSS feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dansdeals
  • Post comments and share your thoughts right on the site under every single deal posting!  Participating and interacting is what makes this site fun!
  • Advertise on DansDeals.com and reach our tens of thousands daily unique visitors. Advertising on DansDeals delivers serious results! See for yourself why everyone from small businesses and major corporations are seeing better from results from DansDeals.com than from other websites! For more info just send an email to dan@dansdeals.com

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