Samsung Pay: Earn $5 For Signing Up Plus Earn $15 For Using A Chase Card 3 Times

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6 Active, Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, or S7 Active devices have Samsung Pay.

-If you haven’t made any purchases yet, you can open the app, click on “promotions”, scroll down to enter a referral code, and enter my referral code for $5 in rewards: 715B46

-If you click on “promotions” you can also opt in to earn $15 in rewards if you use a Chase card to make 3 purchases by 12/31 at 8pm EST. This is valid for the first 100K people who opt-in, so you’ll want to opt in now. The 3 purchases must be at least 3 minutes or more apart from each other. The $15 reward will come in the form of a Visa gift card that will be added to your Samsung Pay wallet.

HT: nafnaf12, via DDF

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6 Responses to “Samsung Pay: Earn $5 For Signing Up Plus Earn $15 For Using A Chase Card 3 Times”

  1. yehuda Says:

    you can just buy 3 amazon gift cards for $5 each and then get a 15.00 gift card which you can use again for another amazon GC

  2. Disappointed Says:

    I have the S6 and I get an error message that my phone (fully up to date) isn’t eligible to download the app on T-Mobile

  3. Zack Says:

    I have a non rooted s6 but I’m getting a message that my device is not compatible.

  4. points lover Says:

    is the note 7 compatible?

  5. Cool Move Says:

    If you are thinking about getting anything from Kohl’s (see Dan’s previous deals) you can buy a 50$ Gift Card for 40$. If you buy 3 gift cards, you are essentially spending $120 and receiving 165$ worth of value

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @yehuda: Have you tried this? I just did it and its still saying im 3 transactions away


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