Sony Earbuds On Sale At!!!

I’ve always been pretty happy with Sony’s earbuds. Good sound, great fit, and much better than the poor fitting junk (that only comes in the “mug-me white” color) packaged with the iPod.

Sony EX71 Stereo Fontopia Stereo Earbuds-$12.99

Read 3.5* reviews for these at Amazon

“Sony EX71 headphones fit snugly, yet comfortably, inside the ear. This eliminates the need for a headband, so you can enjoy audio while exercising, skating or dancing! Gold plated, L-shaped stereo mini plug Includes streamlined, compact hard carrying case and second set of earpads”

Sony EX56 Stereo Hybrid Silicone Earbuds-$18.99

Read 4.5* reviews for these at Amazon ($24.52)

“Boasting a lightweight design, this earphone has 9mm driver units which provide deep bass sound and a superior listening experience. Plus, the hybrid silicone earbuds ensure a perfect fit while delivering supreme comfort. Customize your listening experience with three different sizes of silicone ear cushions.”

HT: Shmuli T.

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  1. $$$ Says:

    first ones are OOS


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