eBay Deals: Targeted eBay Bucks Offers, StubHub Gift Card, Lifestraw, Toys/Babies R Us Gift Card, iPad Air Retina, Windows 7 Laptop On Sale

Don’t forget to check your email and eBay account for targeted eBay bucks offers for quadruple points!

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$100 StubHub Gift Card: $85

Limit 2 per eBay account.
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter: $14.95

$17.99 on Amazon with excellent reviews.
$100 Toys R Us/Babies R Us Gift Card: $85

Limit 2 per eBay account.
Apple iPad Air Retina Display 32GB Black or White: $489.99

$599 from Apple.
Apple iPad Air Retina Display 64GB Space Gray: $579.99

$699 from Apple.
Dell Latitude 13″ Core i5 Windows 7 Laptop: $499.99

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5 Responses to “eBay Deals: Targeted eBay Bucks Offers, StubHub Gift Card, Lifestraw, Toys/Babies R Us Gift Card, iPad Air Retina, Windows 7 Laptop On Sale”

  1. Y Says:

    Quadruple eBay bucks on over 150 for me. Next three days.

  2. Chaya Says:

    Can’t order the gift card. There’s an error message re my PayPal account. When I log into PayPal using the app, everything seems fine.

  3. Josh Says:

    Thanks! – just got $200 in stubhub cards for $150 ($170-$22 ebay bucks).

  4. ek Says:

    I bought two of the stubhub $100 gift cards. They arrived yesterday in a USPS “critical mail” envelope. The paperwork said Card is Active. So, I went to stubhub to apply them to my account. Card 1: Invalid. Card 2: Invalid. Tried again: your account has been disabled. Called stubhub. After a long time they were able to reset my account. He said you can’t apply gift cards to your account, you can only use them while making a purchase. I said “no, this page says where to apply the code.” he looked and said oh… So I gave the guy the loooong number and password of the gift card. Still didn’t work. Finally he said “OH you need to have a credit card associated with your account, you only have a paypal account. So try that.” Me: “but my account is disabled.” He enabled it again.

    I logged in and added the credit card to my account. Tried to enter the codes again. Account disabled. Called stubhub back and spoke to someone else. Gave him the looong gift card number. He put me on hold for 7 minutes. He spoke to his team, and in his system, this gift card did not exist. “So I’m crediting you with $50.” Me: but it’s $100. and I have another one. On hold many more minutes……

    Long story short, I now have $200 of FanCodes in my account which expire in a year. I contacted giftcardmall on ebay but have not gotten a response.

  5. hershel Says:

    a good idea is to purchase a ebay gift card with your ebay bucks becouse the ebay bucks expire a month after the issue date


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