Crest 3D White Whitestrips For Just $10.19-$15.29 Shipped

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Linky

-The 20 pack is on sale for $33.99.
-With Subscribe & Save it is $32.42 with free shipping.
-There is a $7 coupon on the product page, just scroll down and clip it. That will drop the price down to $25.29 with free shipping.
-There is a new $10 rebate for 2014 Q1 to drop the price down to $15.29.  This rebate does not say that it excludes other offers. Even if you got a rebate last year you can still get this one as well.

-If you subscribe to 5 items to be shipped in your next monthly shipment then you will get 15% off, dropping the price to $11.89 shipped.
-If you have Amazon Mom and subscribe to 5 items to be shipped in your next monthly shipment then you will get 20% off, dropping the price to $10.19 shipped.

If you add enough items before your next monthly Subscribe & Save order goes out then the price for all subscription items will automatically drop to the lower price with the 15% or 20% off.

It can be worth adding 1 more subscribe and save item so that you save up to 20% on all the items you subscribe to!

-Select a 1-6 month subscription offer on the right side of the amazon page and select “subscribe now.” Do not click “add to cart” or you will not get the savings. You must click on the “subscribe now” button.

With Subscribe and Save you will get free shipping without any minimum purchase. You can cancel the subscribe and save service with absolutely no obligation or penalty once the item ships. To do so just click here to manage your subscriptions.

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8 Responses to “Crest 3D White Whitestrips For Just $10.19-$15.29 Shipped”

  1. פרץ Says:

    To all dandeals heinous he readers; I personally did this crest rebate form last time around (a year plus ago) and NEVER got my rebate check.

  2. Dan Says:

    The one from a year ago said not combinable with other offers.

    The one from a few months ago was combinable as is this one.

  3. curious Says:

    How do I subscibe to an item to be shippes in the next month?

  4. Mike Says:

    Still a great deal without rebate which I wont bother with.
    I don’t do subscribe personally so just add something to cart of around $3 shipping is free.
    Daughter uses these strips best on the market kids from Stern University all use it.

  5. Velvel Says:

    The item out of stock.

  6. danfan Says:

    back in stock but higher price

  7. William Says:

    @ $34 for 20 applications, it is a great deal and here is a $10 rebate form

  8. Sib Says:

    Just ordered @ $33.99.


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