8 GB 4th Generation Manufacturer Refurbished iPod Nano For $69.99 Shipped From Meritline

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8 GB 4th Generation Manufacturer Refurbished iPod Nano (Silver)

In case you’re looking for an old school iPod Nano with a click wheel and no built-in FM radio, this is for you.

Use coupon code (Exp: After 100 uses): MLCKEM09L1

Meritline won’t accept returns on this (exchanges only) so be sure to use a card like Starwood which gives you 90 day return protection.

HT: Alexsei, via DDF

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9 Responses to “8 GB 4th Generation Manufacturer Refurbished iPod Nano For $69.99 Shipped From Meritline”

  1. Joe Says:

    One “feature” of the 4th gen nano is that there is no FM radio. Perfect for my son. 🙂

  2. Moshe Says:

    Tried it yesterday for lanyard as well as today for iPod. Would not accept discount coupon

  3. Carter Says:

    I ordered the Panasonic phone kit. The Nano deal seems a sucker bet – for example, Walmart, 7 gen, 16 GB nano refurb for 89.99. So, for 20 bucks more you get latest model, twice the memory and Walmart’s excellent return policy.

  4. Dan Says:

    Still works for me. You need to be logged in.

    Just depends if you want the click wheel as I said.
    Or no FM radio 😀

  5. samesong Says:

    looking for the galaxy nano s15

  6. rachel Says:

    Hi Dan,
    You pay when you register by phone? not via CC?

  7. joseph Says:

    Beaware!!!I bought the 4th generation ipod you avertised from meritline. It said manufacturer refurbished which means Apple. Apple also offers 1 year warranty for their refurbished products.I received a THIRD PARTY REFURBISHED PRODUCT with a THITY DAY WARRANTY. Do not buy from them before verifying their products. They refuse to help me.They won’t transfer me to a supervisor. They will take it back, but I have to pay for (insured) shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Can someone help me?

  8. Dan Says:

    Did you buy on a card with return protection like I said to do?

    You can always do a chargeback with your credit card as well.

  9. joseph Says:

    @Dan: is their anything to be done with this company? Are they reputable?


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