Jamba Juice: Buy One Smoothie, Get One Free

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Disclaimer: Ask your local orthodox rabbi about the kashrus status of jamba juice.  They do have a dedicated fresh squeezed orange juice machine and you can request fresh squeezed orange juice to be used as the only filler for any fruit only drink.

HT: deals, via DDF

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9 Responses to “Jamba Juice: Buy One Smoothie, Get One Free”

  1. Liam Knuj Says:

    Are we really that desperate for a Jamba Juice that we’ll rely on Mr. Minumum Wage Manager that the “dedicated” machine was ALWAYS dedicated?

  2. nypd_cop Says:

    Yes we are

  3. Dan Says:

    @Liam Knuj:
    The fresh squeezed orange juice machine is a massive machine that only has a slot for oranges and it squeezes the juice out of them.
    What exactly do you think is going on in that machine?

  4. Liam Knuj Says:

    I really don’t know what is going on in that machine. Why don’t we ask the mashgiach or rav hamachshir… wait, there aren’t any! Was this “massive machine heter” cleared by any rav well versed in kashrus or are we just posting things to get a free drink? Would we be willing to apply the same standards to the medicines we take or would we want a little more oversight?
    And, no, I’m not some frummy from Lakewood, BP, or Monsey. I’m a “regular Lubob”, just like you, Dan

  5. Dan Says:

    @Liam Knuj:
    Do me a favor, go into JJ tomorrow and take a look at the OJ machine and ask them to show you it works.

    There is one round slot for oranges and a spigot where juice comes out.

    But to assuage your worries, I did ask about it years ago and was told it was fine. But by all means, you should ask your LOR!

  6. Yelena Says:

    Dan is just telling you guys the deals! We all have brains people. If you don’t feel comfortable buying stuff there then don’t! Simple as that. : )

  7. Yelena Says:

    What’s next? “Dan why did you put up a deal about a beach vacation? You know it’s not tsnius to go to the beach” . Give me a break!

  8. Liam Knuj Says:

    True, Dan is just reporting the deals and most possess our own brains. But where do we responsibly draw the line? What if McDonald’s was giving away a free bottle of Coke with no purchase necessary. Halachically one IS allowed to enter a McDonald’s if he needs a drink (obviously one should look for a better venue). Should that “deal” be reported and we’ll obviously “use our brains” to avoid the other great deals on their Dollar Menu?

  9. Isaac Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am looking for a reasonably priced flight to Israel from New York on or around September 2nd (dates are limited because of Rosh Hashana) and return on or around September 30th. Please let me know what the best way to go about this would be.
    Thank you.


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