Groupon NYC: Save 64% On Israel vs. Honduras Soccer Match At Citi Field

Groupon NYC: Save 64% On Israel vs. Honduras Soccer Match At Citi Field

-Sunday, June 2, at 5:30 p.m.
-Citi Field, 126-01 Roosevelt Ave. Flushing, New York 11368
-Doors open at 4 p.m.
-Ticket includes all fees.

-$12 for promenade endline seating in sections 401–402, 410–430, 501–502, or 510–532 (a $33 value)
-$39 for excelsior sideline seating in sections 306–312 or 334–339 (an $86 value)
-$69 for field sideline VIP seating in sections 110–112 or 136–138 (a $126 value)

HT: b haas

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9 Responses to “Groupon NYC: Save 64% On Israel vs. Honduras Soccer Match At Citi Field”

  1. Marco Polo Says:


  2. DanRNYC Says:

    hello Dan, just a freindly tip to readers. Upper teir 1st & 3rd base line tickets are probably going to be best (view and price). I watched AC Milan / R Madrid at Yankee Stadium last year, and first thing I did was google(images) the stadium and look how soccer field is positioned… do NOT pay high prices for tix behind home plate, etc, because the view is NG.

    my 2 cents mate.

    Dan R

  3. DanRNYC Says:

    I am sure Shea Stadium (Citi Field) will be the same set up

  4. ih Says:

    The website has the seating layout – the question is the Israelui side is the left field side & the right field side is Honduras.

    Does Groupon tell you which side you are getting before you complete the order? I see on Citi Fields website for the full price they are letting you pick which side.

  5. ANon Says:

    FYI, this game is on a Shabbos, so…..

  6. Dan Says:

    “Sunday, June 2, at 5:30 p.m”
    Dunno what day of the week you observe shabbos…

  7. Robi Says:

    @DanRNYC: Doesn’t matter: they switch sides at half-time.
    Best view would be from the middle: where ever the midfield is .

  8. Alan Says:

    Response to #4 sides are switched at half time.45 minutes each half, sitting in the middle of the pitch is the best for a soccer game.

  9. moshe Says:

    Sold out!!!


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