Amazon Mom Appreciation Event

Update: 2 days left for this great promotion!

Amazon Mom Appreciation Event Linky

Save 20% on purchases from items included in the event with code: BABY2013

-Save on thousands of eligible baby products in select colors and styles, for up to $100 in total savings.
-Expires 11:59 PM PST on February 1, 2013.
-If you join Amazon Mom or Prime after this promotion has started on January 18, 2013, you will need to wait 24 hours for the promo code to become active.

Pickup a great carseat from Chicco or Britax on the cheap or post a comment of what you’ll be buying.

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10 Responses to “Amazon Mom Appreciation Event”

  1. rots5 Says:

    dan, i keep saving the times you post about the car seat. but i keep loosing it. what car seat do you have for rafi now, for just every day? my son is only 3 months old but he is also almost 20 lbs and 25 inches long. so come pesach, i will need a regular car seat…what do you recommend

  2. nechama Says:

    What single strollers are you recommending these days? Thanks!

  3. yakov Says:

    btw. For those that live in the Tri-state area you can but strollers/car seats from Its based in lakewood and their prices are usually as good if not better then amazon. Plus they wont charge you tax or shipping. I bought the UPPA baby vista from them when it was on sale on amazon. Same price minus tax.

  4. yakov Says:

    Correction: their website says its free shipping above 75 dollars throughout usa, Its free NEXT DAY shipping to tri state.

  5. Jacob Says:

    Bizarre to have the word Pish in a store name.

  6. Dan Says:

    Just checked up on the Recaro deal. It is $280 from PPB,
    Versus $179 from Amazon.
    Plus Amazon doesn’t charge tax to CT/NJ/PA.

    So much for that…

  7. yakov Says:

    @dan. (feeling sheepish) Thought it was 180. But just saying I got a better deal for the uppa back then. Maybe someone should try the “best price guarantee”.

  8. Dan Says:

    Hardly seems worth the hassle rather than just ordering from Amazon.
    Especially if you buy Amazon GCs with Ink to get ~10% off.

  9. CPST Says:

    re: Recaros: They’re NOT a recommended convertible seat. It sits VERY high up and kids get their head boinked every time they go into it (even in SUVS). The ‘tush’ area is shallow, it also has just about zero legroom (not a safety issue, but a comfort one), even less than Britax seats do. oh and they’re huge.

  10. CPST Says:

    @rots5- What vehicle is this going into? What size is your kiddo wearing? How long will you be rear facing for (500% safer on the head neck and spine)? and what’s your budget like? Buying a seat just because ‘my friend has it’ isn’t best practice since all our kids and cars are shaped differently and different factors go into this (i.e. will other people or car seats be seated next to this new car seat).


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