Refer A Friend To Costco And You’ll Each Get A $10 Gift Card

I was in Costco yesterday and picked up one of these forms. This is a national deal, so they should have these forms at all Costco locations, but bring in a copy just in case.

This runs through 12/31/12.

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7 Responses to “Refer A Friend To Costco And You’ll Each Get A $10 Gift Card”

  1. magnus Says:

    I asked the Costco rep handing out the cards if I could use it to gift myself.

    She said yes. Unfortunately, I had just renewed 2 days previously.

  2. yis Says:

    jos a bank has a great deal today buy 1 get 2 free and buy a 2nd get 3 free plus $25 off so i got 7 traveler shirts for 21.42 each total price was $150 plus free shipping. i think its the best price i have ever seen on these.
    thanks Dan for teaching me how to shop.

  3. shady Says:

    I’m asuming the friend has to actually sign up in order to reive the gift cards.

  4. ss Says:

    @dan: whats the process? must my friend sign up?

  5. Bands Says:

    I got $30 in gift cards for signing up for the executive membership. The friend that referred me got $10.

  6. Great deal Says:


    You know that you can cancel your membership at any time for a full refund, right?

    If you really want the 10 bucks, cancel, and reapply.

  7. Canuck Says:

    Do you have any idea if this will work at Costco in Canada? Form doesn’t have the standard “Offer in the US only”.


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