HOT!!!! HURRY!!! Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earbuds, Normally $99.99, Now Just $39.99 Shipped From Amazon!!!

Update-09/18-10:30AM: Amazon Has Raised The Price To $49.99!

Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones Linky

If you are not seeing the $39.99 price, try this alternate link to select as the seller:

Alternate Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones Linky’s bottom line: “These small, cone-shaped earbuds offer excellent isolation and pro sound quality.”

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7 Responses to “HOT!!!! HURRY!!! Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earbuds, Normally $99.99, Now Just $39.99 Shipped From Amazon!!!”

  1. shmuel Says:

    it seems to be $59

  2. Dan/Ctownbochur Says:

    It’s still $39.99, just make sure that is the seller!

  3. Thanx! Says:

    Thanx a lot Dan, my freind owns these and i’ve tried them and loved it. I’ve had my eyes on these for a while, but couldent get myself to pay the money for them. I just ordered them for $39.99, probably the same price i’d pay elsewhere for much less quality.
    Thanks, keep it up

  4. avi Says:

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  5. K Says:

    dont transfer Amex points to starwood points because they transfer at a 3:1 ratio!! it’s totally not worth it…even if u get 25% free miles when u trade 20,000 SPG points. you are better off just trading the amex points for miles at 1:1 to the airline u need them for.

  6. Thanx! I've been SCAMMED Says:

    dan, i wrote to you yesterday, telling you that i ordered the earphones, turns out, for some reason, the order didnt got through. I went back on to order them and the price went up! Whats going on over here? Is amazon becoming another one of those “scamming merchants”?

  7. Dovi Says:

    Hey everyone.
    I have a pair of these, and there really great. You can hear everything in them (some times that’s a problem with mp3s or pirated movies cause the qualities low and you can hear the defects).
    Also, Shure has amazing customer service. I was hearing a tiny bit of static intermittently, I sent them the head phones and they send me another pair no problem. It was really easy.


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