Sandy Relief: Chaverim Of The 5 Towns And Rockaways Needs Your Help!

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Please help Chaverim Of The 5 Towns And Rockaways continue their daily missions!

As a result of Superstorm Sandy, we need to replace a lot of lost equipment. Our storage unit was flooded, and many of our volunteer force had their equipment damaged beyond repair when their cars flooded.

During the hurricane, we stretched our resources to come to the aid of as many victims as possible.
Chaverim members went out with other organizations on boats and saved numerous people who were trapped in their houses and cars.
Now we need your help. Chaverim is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are fully tax deductible.
Please show support of your brethren in the Five Towns and Rockaways and donate by clicking here.

Helpline: 718-337-1800


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2 Responses to “Sandy Relief: Chaverim Of The 5 Towns And Rockaways Needs Your Help!”

  1. legal alien Says:

    I love your site and visit it daily. Have purchased many an item through it. I have even specifically gone to your site when i have something i am going to buy just to see if i can give you the affiliate credit.

    That being said, I sincerely hope that you did NOT charge for this ‘paid advertisement’.

    I wish you Hatzlacha Rabbah in your endeavors.

  2. Dan Says:

    @legal alien:
    Another guy worried about the charitable decisions of someone else…
    You can rest assured that every year between 10-20% of profits from this site, which are indeed made possible from readers like you, are given to charity. And plenty of that went to Sandy relief, thanks for asking.


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