Cuisinart DLC-8S 11-Cup Pro Custom Food Processor For Just $97.99 From Macys!

Update: Amazon has just dropped their price to $97.99 to match Macy’s and you don’t need to buy a fill to get free shipping from Amazon.

Cuisinart DLC-8S 11-Cup Pro Custom Food Processor Linky

The price on this today is just $97.99.

The food processor has 5 star reviews on and 97% of purchasers recommend it. It sells for $129.99 from Amazon.

You need to spend $99 to get free shipping, so if you have nothing else that you want to buy you can add this set of 4 Hanukkah Dreidel Felt Placemats for $1.99 to your cart. The total will now be $99.98 and shipping will be free.

Or 2 food processors would be $195.98 with free shipping.

Post a comment if you find a better/cheaper filler item to get free shipping.
You can always return the filler item (or the food processor itself) to a store.


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4 Responses to “Cuisinart DLC-8S 11-Cup Pro Custom Food Processor For Just $97.99 From Macys!”

  1. Sam A Says:

    maybe its me, but i do better at the buzz in bklyn that I do at macys, etc–especially on this name brand stuff…and at the buzz if I lapse into yiddish there nobody looks at me oddly (there being the buzz of course)

  2. Dan Says:

    @Sam A:
    Call them and get a quote for an 11 cup Cuisinart.
    I bet it costs more.

  3. Joel Says:

    amazon matched the Price

  4. Abe Says:

    @Abe: Oh i didnt recognize it was a 1 day special at macys sorry


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