British Airways: NYC To Venice For $335 Round-Trip!

American Express is a advertiser.
-Earn 5 points per dollar on the AMEX Platinum Card or 3 points per dollar on airfare with the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card or the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card.
-Earn 3 points per dollar and get $300 in airfare automatically refunded every calendar year with Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Use this BA link to book. You will need to disable ad-blocker.

-Tickets are refundable for 24 hours from the time of booking by calling BA.

-A 7 night stay is required. Once in Italy you can take a high-speed train to Florence, Milan, Rome, etc.

-Venice is an awesome place to spend a Shabbos as you can read about in my 2010 trip notes.


-If you use a consumer Chase Visa and select flights operated by British Airways (American flights won’t qualify for the extra 10% off) you can save another 10% off by using the following promo code on the page after selecting flights as shown below: CARDOFFERU


Sample valid dates:
November 1-8
November 8-15
November 15-22
November 22-30
December 6-13
January 10-17
January 17-24
January 24-January 31
January 31-February 7
February 7-14
February 14-21
February 21-28
February 28-March 7
March 7-14

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13 Responses to “British Airways: NYC To Venice For $335 Round-Trip!”

  1. Jake Says:

    What’s the weather like there that time of year?

  2. Chaim Says:

    Can this deal be booked with BA miles?

  3. mordy Says:

    Bookable from MIA as well.

  4. DT Says:


    Cold and wet. But much, much fewer tourists.

  5. MF Says:

    I think 10% promo code is only valid for flights in 2017

  6. David Mal Says:

    Your Venice Trip Report was a great read!
    Wish this deal worked for shorter trips.

  7. Cate Says:

    Can you upgrade to biz with miles on these?

  8. Barry Says:

    @Jake: Google it

  9. shiframeir Says:

    Combine this with the JW Marriott coupons in everyones Amex Offers to stay during the week at a really impressive mini-island hotel off the mainland of venice.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Any consumer chase visa works for cardofferforu ? Even if it’s the ihg card let’s say and not the consumer British airways card?

  11. mia flyer Says:

    @mordy its coming up as $600 from miami , i went to venice 4 years ago and its a magical city all year round . i dont know if i would recommend it for families or for 7 days . the hotels aren’t cheap or large

  12. Rachel Gelman Says:

    Up to 460 – 480 from New York in January and February. Still a good deal if you want to go but I will wait for another time.

  13. Lauren Says:

    Will this work in August too or are the earliest dates in November?


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