Vacation Notice

The Jewish holiday of Pesach runs through Tuesday, 4/18, and updates will be sporadic from now through the 19th.

Note that comments left during this time may take several days until they are approved and published.

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8 Responses to “Vacation Notice”

  1. u600213 Says:

    Chag Pesach Sameach

  2. Isaac Srugo Says:

    hi dan not sure where to email you as i wanted to ask you a question i am a long time follower, im looking to go to on my honeymoon and was thinking europe in the summer but had concerns about kosher food what would be the best place to go to with easy accessible to kosher food its so hard to figure out, i saw your recent post of this chef packing foods but did not understand how it works any help would be appreciated or any place where there is a kosher restaurants. thank you in advance

  3. Ben Says:

    RE: recent episode in Chicago.
    My guess is that 99 out of 100 passengers do not realize they can be forcibly bumped .
    Can you help by signing this petition to change federal rules that limit the amount airlines must pay .
    At the present it seems there is no way for an ordinary traveler to reserve a guaranteed seat . Even if they are flying for a wedding or a funeral .

  4. Gman Says:

    חג פסח כשר ושמח

  5. Jack Says:

    @Isaac Srugo: Check out the Forums. Over here has great info about trip planning and everything you need to know about Kosher Food and Minyanim

  6. pics please Says:

    will you be posting pics of the mountains taken from the mavic? I hope so!

  7. Jake Says:

    Hi @Dan

    I was offered $266 cash/check or $457 in American Airlines eVoucher due to mess-up they caused. Which is the better option?

  8. Nads Says:

    Hi dan,
    Hope you had a nice vacation.
    Any chance you are going to make an updated post of the israel mileage chart?


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