Daily Getaway For 4/10: Discounted Alamo Vouchers

With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick.  At 1pm EDT every weekday from now through 5/10 there is a new offering. The best deals will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.

Today you can buy a $50 Alamo certificate for $25.

You can use up to 3 certificates per rental.



Will you buy any Alamo certificates?

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7 Responses to “Daily Getaway For 4/10: Discounted Alamo Vouchers”

  1. Joe Says:

    Using Alamo certificates would be forfeiting the insurance benefits of paying for the rental with a cc, correct?

  2. hsinaz Says:

    Can these be applied to a Costco rental? Would it void AX primary full insurance coverage when balance is paid on a covered AX card?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @Joe: You need to check with each credit card bank. Some (all) will give you primary car insurance if even a small part of the rental is charged to their card.

  4. HeavenlyJane Says:

    @Joe: Another comment. A poster on FlyerTalk says he applies these certificates *after* returning the car and knowing she won’t need the insurance. This probably requires going back to the counter to make the change.

  5. Chaim Says:

    From experience only buy if you forsure have a plan to use them if not they will probably expire

    Also I find that Alamo is usually the company that you will get with Hotwire rates or Priceline with name your own price, or hot rate cars. so you can essentially get a better deal that way then buying coupons now that have many limitations

  6. moish Says:

    I bought 1 but still didn’t get the certificate

  7. moish Says:

    If you are a member of Costco renting through Alamo the savings you get from Costco direct is about the same as purchasing the certificate. Something to keep in mind for next year.


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