Free Rita’s Italian Ices Today

Rita’s annual free ices for the first day of Spring is today!

Rita’s Store Locator Linky

All locations will have free ices between 12pm-9pm.  Limit of 1 free ices per person in line.

Flavors rotate by the day, but if you’re lucky your local store will have some of my favorites, like Passion Fruit or Chocolate Peanut Butter. What’s your favorite flavor?

Disclaimer: While Rita’s products are all kosher, only select stores are under rabbinical kosher supervision and only the water ices are parve. There are more than a dozen kosher certified stores in CA, CT, FL, NJ, NV, NY, MD, PA, and VA.

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12 Responses to “Free Rita’s Italian Ices Today”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How would I know if my store is under kosher supervision? Is there a list posted somewhere?

  2. j Says:

    @Anonymous: @Anonymous: @Anonymous:

    Ummm. cant you call them or drive by?

  3. Jim Says:

    @Anonymous: you could call them.

  4. Larry Lennhoff Says:

    You could always call the particular store and ask them.

  5. jared. Says:

    no longer under hashgacha in nevada.

  6. dave Says:

    @anonymous 1. In the store they should have a sign. 2. you could ask your friends if they may know. 3.Call them (you could google store number) 4. drive by see if anyone you know is on line. 5. call your local kosher supervision agency your location on this site and see if anyone can help you try to figure this out. Good Luck i hope this works out for you!!

  7. dave Says:

    Can i go to more then one location? Has anybody tried them before and know if its worth it to travel to get this once in a year promotion?

  8. S Says:

    @dave – no one would know if you went to a different store, it’s not so official. I wouldn’t quite say it’s worth it to travel though. Chances are the lines will be huge. I drove by one, and decided it’s not worth it to wait half hour for the $2 ices

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Not worth the wait in Lakewood, go if your time isn’t worth much

  10. myi Says:

  11. myi Says:

    I have some pics of the hechser on surf Ave in brooklyn, they list all the flavors, seems all the ices are parve and everything in the store is kosher but possibly ou-d the other stuff!
    No way to post it here, but will try to post it on the forum,

  12. coney Says:

    on rita’s surf ave website it says they are now under the star-k


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