$50 Gift Card For Every $1,000 Spent On An Airline Ticket To Israel From Global Tours!

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Receive a $50 gift card to the merchant of your choice for every $1,000 you spend on a single ticket to Israel with Global Tours with promo code: INAUGURATION2017

-For any questions and to book please call us at 877-SEE TEL AVIV, 212-986-7400, or email sales@globaltoursinc.com
-Restrictions may apply.
-Offer may expire at any time.

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5 Responses to “$50 Gift Card For Every $1,000 Spent On An Airline Ticket To Israel From Global Tours!”

  1. Diny Adler Says:

    Can I go on July 31 2017 with 6 people

  2. Dan Says:

    @Diny Adler:
    I’d suggest emailing or calling tomorrow.

  3. josh Says:

    Hi Dan need some help here please. Do you know if its worth it to go physically to the ticket desk at Spirit Airlines to purchase a ticket? Spirit themselves say its much cheaper that way. ?? Thank you

  4. Dan Says:


  5. josh Says:

    First off I’d like to thank you for your response.
    So Dan you said I can expect a savings of about 25 dollars. Okay. Thought there was a chance it would be some astronomical discount.
    What does one do about the baggage fee since they would be purchasing in in the airport?


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