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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

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You can now book travel for all domestic Airtran flights on as a Southwest codeshare. This is good for travel beginning 04/14.

Why should you book on
-If you book on you’ll get 2 free bags, a savings of up to $120 round-trip per person! doesn’t charge for flight changes or cancellations. charges $75.
-If you book on and have a companion pass you can use that on Airtran flights. also has a great low fare calendar that lets you glance at fares for the entire month.
-If you book a “business select” fare on and have an Airtran flight you will be seated in business class.
-You can redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards 2.0 points for Airtran flights without the blackouts and capacity controls that Airtran credit and Rapid Rewards 1.0 credits have.

Caveats to bear in mind:
-Prices can be different on both sites, so check both sites and compare the fees before purchasing a ticket. bookings allow for free standby travel. bookings (even for Airtran flights) do not.
-If you book on you will earn Rapid Rewards 2.0 points while if you book on you will earn Airtran credits or Rapid Rewards 1.0 credits.
-If you book on you won’t be able to book an assigned seat for Airtran flights until you checkin for your flight.
-Remember to always checkin with the airline that is actually operating the first flight, regardless of which site you buy your ticket on.

International flights:
Additionally you can book international mixed Southwest/Airtran flights on When you book a mixed ticket on you also get 2 free checked bags.

This is all a temporary solution until 2014, when the Airtran brand and website will no longer exist.












Final Day To Redeem Airtran Points For Flights On Other Airlines

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Airtran has long run an excellent program that allowed you to redeem points for travel on other airlines.

Today is the last day to redeem for a voucher for that option.  If you do redeem for that voucher you will have 1 year to use the voucher to book a ticket on another airline. You can redeem for a voucher by logging into your Airtran account under My Rewards>Redeem Other Awards.









32 credits gets you a roundtrip domestic US48 ticket, 50 credits gets you a roundtrip ticket to Alaska/Hawaii/Mexico ticket, and 100 credits gets you a roundtrip ticket worldwide.

You can also transfer increments of 1,200 Southwest points into 1 Airtran credit, so 38,400 Southwest points or Chase Ultimate Rewards points gets you 32 Airtran credits.

Airtran actually buys the ticket, so you do earn miles on the ticket.  The rules are fairly simple, you need to book 7 days in advance, a Saturday night stay at your destination is required, you can stay up to 30 days, and no stopovers are allowed.  They’ll generally book you on the least expensive option, but you can request for the most direct option.

It’s a shame to see this go away as I’ve used this many times over the years for pricey tickets.  Mergers are rarely ever good news for consumers.

TwitterEmailFacebook Now Selling Airtran Flights In 39 Markets

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Effective today, Southwest is expanding their Airtran integration and you can now book travel for Airtran flights on as a Southwest codeshare between 39 cities.
This is good for travel beginning 03/10.

Why should you? Because if you book on you’ll get 2 free bags, a savings of up to $120 round-trip per person!  Plus Southwest doesn’t charge for flight changes.











The current cities are: Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Buffalo, Cancun, Charlotte, Dayton, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Grand Rapids, Hartford/Springfield, Islip, Jacksonville, Louisville, Manchester, Mexico City, Montego Bay, Nassau, New York/LaGuardia, Norfolk, Oakland, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Raleigh/Durham, Rochester, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose Del Cabo, San Jose, CA, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tampa Bay, Washington/Reagan National, and West Palm Beach.

By April you’ll be able to book all Airtran flights on  And in 2014 Airtran will cease to exist.

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HOT! Airtran One-Way Flights From Just $30 Plus Tax!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Airtran is matching the Southwest distance based sale!

Best of all they are including LaGuardia and Washington Dulles in the sale!

For example a nonstop flight from Akron (near Cleveland) to LaGuardia is pricing out at just $40+tax each way for a total of $50.70 with tax.

Plus I previously wrote about this $10 off Airtran coupons good even on one-way flights!

So a one-way ticket will be just $30+tax for a total of $40.70 each way or $81.40 round-trip.

Same terms as Southwest:

-Flights 0-450 miles=$40 each way plus tax.

-Flights 451-1,250 miles=$80 each way plus tax.

-Flights 1,251+ miles=$120 each way plus tax.

-Book by 06/23.

-Travel between 08/23/11-11/16/11.

-Blackout dates: 09/01, 09/05, 09/06, 10/10.

-Travel not valid on Friday and Sunday.

HT: Yosef, via the DansDeals Forums


$10 Off Airtran Flights!

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

$10 Off Airtran Flights Coupon Linky

-Travel between 08/01/11-11/18/11.

-Book by 08/31/11.

-Valid on one-way or round-trip flights.


HOT! $25 Airtran Coupon On Facebook!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

-This hot deal was sent to all of our facebook group members. Join the 3,155 people already registered on the facebook group to automatically receive similar hot deal alerts!
-Never miss a deal: Every single deal is instantly sent to the 1,279 followers of our dansdeals twitter page! Follow us and you can choose to get a text message whenever the site is updated!

Airtran Facebook Coupon Linky

You can even use a $25 coupon for a one-way fare and save $50 if you get 2 coupons on a round-trip!

There’s a limit of 1 coupon per facebook account.

The coupon must be claimed by 12/08 or while supplies last!

Book by 12/15 and travel between 01/05/11-03/10/11. Not valid for travel on 02/18 and 02/21.

Want to get free checked baggage, free preassigned seats, free passenger name changes, and possibly even a free upgrade at the gate when flying Airtran? Just send me an email at before you want to book your next trip!


More Terrible Airline Consolidation News…

Monday, September 27th, 2010

On the heals of the United/Continental merger which will take effect in just 5 days, another merger has been announced.

Southwest Airlines plans to buy Airtran for $1.4 billion.

Of course with each merger there is less competition which means we’re stuck paying higher fares.

But what I’m really bummed about is losing my 2 favorite airlines the same year!

Continental is a great airline with great policies.  I outlined some of them in the post on the current amazing credit card offer. There is some hope though that at least some of Continental’s policies will stay in place at the new United as the Continental CEO will be running the new airline.

Airtran however, is toast! They are my favorite low-cost carrier by leaps and bounds and Southwest is my least favorite.


Airtran offers many of the amenities of the major carriers while still offering low prices. Southwest does not.
For example,
-Assigned seats: Airtran offers them. Southwest makes you line up in some cockamamie order to run and get one of the 2 good seats on their planes.  Southwest has already announced that the combined airline will not have assigned seats. See exhibit A:

-Elite status: Airtran has one of the easiest elite statuses to attain in the industry and it’s even easier to maintain with just 6 flights needed or you can buy it back for just $399. And it has great benefits like free exit rows, free business class upgrades at the gate, guaranteed seat availability, free checked luggage, longer lasting A+ credits…

-Business class: Airtran has it, Southwest doesn’t. I flew last year with 3 family members on Airtran from LaGaurdia to Akron. All 4 of us got upgraded to business class for free because of my elite status. Free snacks (including kosher ones!), free drinks, large roomy leather seats, I was hooked! Southwest has already announced that the combined airline will not have a business class section.

-W-Fi: Airtran has it fleet-wide. Southwest doesn’t.

-Boeing 717: I love the 717. It’s a very quiet plane (especially in the front) and it has just 2 seats on the left side of coach. It makes up the bulk of the Airtran fleet. Southwest has been committed to only Boeing 737s for years. What will happen to the 717s?

-Airtran U: I used this so many times when I was younger… If you are between 18-22 you can hop on any flight on a standby basis for dirt cheap. Need to go from Akron to LaGuardia last minute? It’s just $49 with Airtran U!

-Airtran’s A+ mileage program is awesome. Just 2 flights are enough for a free upgrade, 4 flights are enough for a a free one-way flight. Plus you get bonus points for business class flights. But what is really cool are their other airline awards. 32 credits and they’ll buy you a ticket in the US on any other airline. 50 credits and they’ll buy you a ticket to Hawaii on any other airline. 100 credits and they’ll buy you a ticket to anywhere in the world on any other airline!

-Airtran’s corporate program allows me to give passengers free premium seat assignments and free checked bags as well as possible upgrades. I’ve been doing this for readers for the past couple months and people have loved it!

Yes there are good parts to Southwest, but I hope to never have to fly them. And have you ever seen their check-in lines? Why are they always so uncontrollably long? And don’t get me started again on the cattle call boarding and race to the exit row seat.

This merger is a crying shame for passengers…
And mark my words, this isn’t the end of the madness. AA-USAir? Virgin-Jetblue? I wonder what the next move will be?


HOT! $12 Off One Way/$24 Off Round Trip Airtran Flights!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Offer Linky

Airtran is offering a $12 coupon off one-way flights.  The coupon should come instantly.  You can book 2 one-way flights separately to get $24 off your round-trip flight by getting 2 coupons.

-Book travel by 09/30/10

-Complete travel by 12/16/10

Want to get free checked baggage and free preassigned seats when flying Airtran? Just send me an email at the next time you want to book a trip!


$10 Off Airtran Flights!

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Update: Offer ends 05/31:

Originally posted on 01/01/10:

Offer Linky

After entering in the Little Debbie Great American Getaway you can get a $10 Airtran voucher emailed which will come instantly!


Airtran U Short-Haul Segments Get Cheaper!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Airtran U Linky

Airtran U allows 18-22 year olds to hop onto any flight for a flat rate.  The segments used to cost $69 or $99 each.
Effective immediately Airtran now has 3 pricing levels for Airtran U flights.
Short-Haul: $49/segment.
Example: Akron, OH-NYC/LGA.

Medium-Haul: $69/segment
Example: NYC/LGA-Orlando.

Long-Haul: $99/segment
Example: Baltimore-Los Angeles.

-Valid for anyone 18 to 22 years old (once you turn 23 you no longer qualify)
-It is only available on a standby basis-show up at the airport, and if there’s room you’re on-if not, tough luck.
-No luggage can be checked in.
-Taxes tack on about $9/segment.
Not valid for travel on:
March 26-28
April 1, 2, 11
May 28, 31
June 20, 25, 27
July 2, 5, 11
November 24, 27-29.
The last date for travel is December 15, 2010.


HOT! $20 Off One Way/$40 Off Round Trip Airtran Flights!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Offer Linky

Airtran is offering a $20 coupon off one-way flights for subscribing to their Net Escapes emails.  The coupon should come instantly.

-Sign up for emails by 12/31/09

-Book travel by 01/01/10

-Complete travel by 03/08/10

-Limit of one $20 coupon per email address.

-You may be able to use the $20 coupon through 01/01/10 to purchase exit row seats online ($20 per one-way flight), paying for baggage, or for upgrading to business class ($49 and up per flight segment).


…And Back To The Skies

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

More thoughts/trip notes from 31,000 feet in the sky…thanks for the free wi-fi Airtran and gogo!

-This was my 5th trip to NYC this year of 1 night or less…which is fine because that’s about when my NYC tolerance level runs out.  (My trip back to NYC next week will actually be for a weekend-2 whole nights!)

-I’m flying in business class.  Airtran gave myself, my wife, and my mother comp upgrades due to my elite status!  The business class really is quite nice for an LCC.  Lots of legroom, wide leather seats, tons of great free drinks and even non-alcoholic drinks like Fuze, Smartwater, Vitamin water, etc.  And the flight attendant has already refilled my Fresca three times without asking!   There is also a free snack basket that has T.G.I. Friday salt and cracked pepper chips under OK parve supervision that I’ve never seen sold in any stores.

-Avis hooked me up with a nice Caddy for the trip…at $30/day, market rates for gas, and valet return service it’s hard to go wrong! Gotta love Avis Chairman status!

-Clubhouse Cafe on 46th street in the city is simply awesome.  The fries are crisp to perfection.  The Brazilian drinks are great as well.  Their Caipirinha (pronounced Ca’eye-pa-rinya) is great! My recommendation? An off the menu option that’s popular in Brazil, A Caipirinha de Maracujá, or Caipirinha made with passion fruit.  It might be an acquired taste after a year in Brazil, but it tasted great to me. Plus when I go there I get to brush up on my Portuguese with all of the Brazilian employees…

-I used my free Diamond Hyatt Place night in Secaucus, NJ.  Typical great Hyatt Place!  Every room is a mini-suite with a pull-out couch, semi-room divider, 42″ LCD, emtpy fridge, nice work desk, free wi-fi, and a great free breakfast with Tazo teas, Seattle’s best coffee, Quaker oatmeal, cereal boxes, fruit, etc.  It’s not too far away, and there’s some great shopping nearby.  The rumor mill is that there will soon be some more Hyatt Place properties in Manhattan.

-I was able to use the United Red Carpet Club (RCC) in LGA for the first time thanks to Continental’s switch to the Star Alliance. Here’s a quick comparison.

Pros: It’s much newer and way nicer looking than the dreary Continental President’s Club (PC) in LGA (easily the worst looking PC I’ve ever been in, but then again LGA has some of the worst terminals that I’ve ever been in so it still beats that).  There are also self-service cans of soda available, which is better than having to ask for soda from the bartender at the PC

Cons: The RCC charge $$$ for all alcoholic drinks (Free in PC’s).  They do not allow you to take newspapers/magazines from the club like the PC does. Their is no ice water dispenser like that have in PC’s, you must request water from the bar.  There were no kosher snacks besides for apples. (PC’s will often have granola bars, chips, bananas, apples, and cereal boxes.  They even had matzah and other kosher snacks on Passover!)

So the RCC has much better facilities but worse services…tough choice!

Ding…they want me to turn off my computer, the FA just announced to please put our seats up to the upright and most uncomfortable position…how true it that!  I better just publish this before the wi-fi gets turned off…

Hope you enjoyed this mini-trip report!



What Was It Like Before Wi-Fi Flights?

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Some thoughts from 31,000 feet in the sky…

-If GoGo’s plan to give away free wi-fi is to entice people to pay for the service in the future I have to say that it’s working at least on me. Flights have never gone by so fast before!

-I’m posting now aboard Airtran from Akron to LaGuardia for the first of 2 NYC trips within the next 2 weeks.
It’s the first time this year that I wasn’t able to land a complimentary elite business class upgrade as the flight was oversold. I had forgotten just how tight the seat pitch is on Airtran’s B717, a miserly 30 inches!

-Both of the following free wi-fi codes still work like a charm on Airtran:

-Some 30% of the passengers on this flight are Orthodox Jews. The Blue Fringe band is sitting just behind me and I’ve seen more than a dozen people that I know from the local Jewish community. I wonder how long it will be before Airtran starts selling kosher meals on this flight ;)

-It’s incredible how Continental has ceded the Cleveland-NYC market to Airtran. Granted that Akron is a less convenient airport for most people, but this round-trip flight cost just $89. The identical flight on Continental within just a 1 night stay was over $800! Seems like it’s worth the extra 15 minute drive.  Mind you that you can always fly back one way  from NYC to Cleveland on Continental for about $60, but that requires hidden-city ticketing which is officially against the terms of most airlines and you wouldn’t be able to check luggage…

-Yes, the Bose QC15′s really are that much better than the previous generation QC2′s at noise cancellation…Wow!


SIZZLING!!! Airtran Flights To Fort Lauderdale From $19+ Tax Each Way!!!

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Update: Dead!

-This deal was sent to all of our facebook group members. Join the 1,276 people already registered on the facebook group to automatically receive similar alerts!
-Every deal is instantly sent to the 325 followers of our dansdeals twitter page!

Related: Free Wi-Fi On All Airtran Flights

Step 1: Sign up for a $25 off voucher. (These have been delivered instantaneously to my gmail accounts.  Limit of 1 voucher per email address.)

Step 2: Book your ticket at and don’t forget to use your voucher!

Book one-way tickets to maximize the discount as only one voucher is allowed per person on a single reservation.

The price before the voucher is $44 each way.  After the $25 voucher it is $19+ tax.

Tax varies with the market as follows:

Sample dates: 10/27-11/03:

Prices are for each way and include tax.

Sample cities are listed, other cities are available as well


Atlanta-Fort Lauderdale: $44+tax=$54.60-$25=$29.60

Baltimore-Fort Lauderdale: $44+tax=$54.60-$25=$29.60


NYC-Fort Lauderdale: $44+tax=$65.20-$25=$40.20

Detroit-Fort Lauderdale: $44+tax=$65.20-$25=$40.20

For those of you who want to go on a “mileage run” Airtran Elite status requires 10 flight segments within 90 days (or 25 in 12 months) and gives you a boatload of benefits like free upgrades for you and a companion, 2 free checked bags, mileage expiration extension, free transfers of credits, and lots of other great stuff.  It also gives you top-teir reciprocal status on Frontier. The cost from BWI or ATL would be $290 for the 5 round trip flights required.  Plus the 10 credits earned is more than enough for a free ticket.


It’s Official: I Love Free In-Flight Wi-Fi!

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I didn’t think I would really care to stay connected while flying, but it really is quite nice and a great way to pass the time.

I’m posting from 28,000 feet in the air on an Airtran flight (free upgrade on a $29 coach ticket to business class, of course) from Akron, OH to LaGuardia.

I was able to connect to the Go-Go internet on the ground, but it only started working once the flight passed 10,000 feet.

The speeds are slightly slower than the last Airtran flight that I was on, it’s running at about 1 mbps down and 350 kbps up.

At a regular price of $9.95 I’m not sure who would pay for 45 minutes of slowish wi-fi, but as long as GoGo keeps on giving it out for free then I’ll keep on using it!

The following 2 codes worked for free access:



Codes are specific for the airline you are on, as aatrygogo and deltatrygogo did not work on Airtran, but do work on American and Delta respectively.

Anyway I’m off to my newest (twin!) cousin’s bris and to buy an esrog set for the holidays and and then flying right back home to Cleveland tomorrow night!


$25 Off Airtran Flights To/From Akron-Canton, OH!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

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$25 off Airtran flights to/from Florida

$25 off Airtran flights to/from Kansas City

$25 off Airtran flights to/from Akron/Canton, OH


Free Wi-Fi On Delta And Airtran Flights!

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Related Post: Free Wi-Fi on American Airlines (Exp: 08/23)

When on a Delta or Airtran flight with Wi-Fi use the following code on the payment page (Exp: 08/31):

HT: Eli, via


$25 Airtran Voucher For Flights To/From Florida!

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

$25 Airtran Voucher Linky

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Transfer AMEX MR Points Into Airtran Credits At A 25% Discount!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Related: 18-22 years old? Fly without a ticket for cheap with Airtran U!

AMEX MR Offer Linky

The normal exchange rate for AMEX membership rewards points into Airtran credits is 1,500:1.
Between 07/01 and 08/30 you can transfer just 1,125 AMEX MR points for each Airtran credit.

A nice thing about Airtran is that they still don’t charge an expedite fee for award tickets, but beware that credit expire just one year from when you earn them unless you have an Airtran credit card or elite status.

With the discounted exchange rate the cost of Airtran rewards are as follows:
-One-way upgrade to business class (allows for upgrades to both nonstop or connecting flights) from any paid or award fare: 4 credits/4,500 MR.
-One-way “restricted” coach systemwide free ticket: 8 credits/9,000 MR.
-One-way “unrestricted” business class systemwide free ticket: 16 credits/18,000 MR.
-Round-trip coach ticket on Frontier in the US48 and Canada: 20 credits/22,500 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on Frontier to Alaska and Mexico: 32 credits/36,000 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on any airline to US48 cities Airtran doesn’t fly to: 32 credits/36,000 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on any airline to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico: 50 credits/56,250 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on any airline to anywhere in the world: 100 credits/112,500 MR
-Unlimited free Airtran companion pass for a year: 100 credits/112,500 MR


Airtran Cuts Elite Status Requirements!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Airtran has slashed the requirements to become elite in half!

You now have to fly 10 A+ flight credits within 90 days or 25 with a year to become elite. A one-way flight in coach earns 1 credit, in business class it earns 1.5 credits.

Main benefit: As an elite on Airtran you and a companion get a free upgrade at the gate if it’s available.  (It’s fairly reliable-I’ve never missed an upgrade ever!)

You are also able to transfer credits to any member for free and everyone on your itinerary can check 2 bags for free.

Airtran elites also get top-tier elite benefits with Frontier as well.


HOT! All Airtran Nonstop Flights On Sale!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Airtran Sale Linky

Sample one way pre-tax fares, valid in either direction:

Akron/Canton, OH-Boston: $39.

Akron/Canton, OH-NYC/LGA: $49.

Baltimore-Boston: $39

NYC/LGA-Atlanta: $59

NYC/LGA-Milwaukee: $49

NYC/LGA-Orlando: $69

Pittsburgh-Ft. Lauderdale: $59


SMOKING HOT! $25 Off One Way/$50 Off Round Trip Airtran Flights!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Airtran is offering a $25 coupon off one-way flights for subscribing to their Net Escapes emails.
Travel must be booked by 01/02 and completed by 04/30/09.
Limit of one $25 coupon per email address.

Offer Linky
Use a gmail account to get a coupon instantaneously!


HOT! $20 Off One Way/$40 Off Round Trip Airtran Flights!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Update: This coupon expires tonight! Use a gmail account to get a coupon instantaneously!

Originally posted on 11/26:
Airtran is offering a $20 coupon off one-way flights for subscribing to their Net Escapes emails.
Travel must be booked by 12/01 and completed by 04/30/09.
Limit of one $20 coupon per email address.

Offer Linky



$29-$49 Airtran Early Bird Flights From Atlanta!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

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Airtran Sale Linky

Valid on Monday-Thursday flights from Atlanta that depart before 9:30am!


Get $25 Back Via Paypal For A $100+ Airtran Purchase!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Offer Linky (Exp: 11/30)


HOT! $20 Off One Way/$40 Off Round Trip Airtran Flights!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Update: This coupon expires tonight! Use a gmail account to get a coupon instantaneously!

Originally posted on 09/17:

Airtran is offering a $20 coupon off one-way flights for subscribing to their Net Escapes emails.
Travel must be booked by 09/23 for completion by 11/19.
Limit of one $20 coupon per email address.

Offer Linky

Unfortunately there’s no way to use a coupon good for Airtran’s awesome Airtran U program for really cheap ($69-$99) walk-up fares for 18-22 year olds.



Double Airtran Credits For Flights To/From White Plains And Newburgh, NY!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Promo Registration Linky


HOT! Airtran Atlanta Sale For Flights Departing Before 9:00AM!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Sale Linky
Purchase by: 08/09
Travel between: 09/05-11/07
Sample OW+ Prices:
Akron/Canton: $29
Baltimore: $29
Boston: $39
Houston: $39
Miami: $29
Newark: $39
Pittsburgh: $29


HOT!!! Airtran 48 Hour Systemwide Nonstop Fare Sale!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Sale Linky (Purchase by 04/18-11:59pm EDT)
Airtran is having a massive fare sale on all of their nonstop routes, travel is valid until 05/31.

Ctown Prediction: Expect the “Big Six” to match many of these fares in the next airfare filing at 10:00 in the morning.

Sample OW+ fares:

To/From Akron, OH(CAK):
Atlanta: $44
Boston: $44
Ft. Lauderdale: $59
New York/LGA: $34
Orlando: $54
Tampa: $54

To/From Atlanta(ATL):
Akron: $44
Baltimore: $44
Boston: $59
Chicago/MDW: $44
Dallas/DFW: $54
Dayton, OH: $39
Denver: $79
Detroit: $44
Grand Bahama Island/FPO: $44
Houston/HOU: $54
Miami: $44
New York/LGA: $54
Pittsburgh: $44

To/From Chicago(MDW):
Atlanta: $44
Boston: $49
Charlotte: $44
Miami: $59
Minneapolis $29
Orlando: $54
Sarasota: $59

To/From New York(LGA):
Akron: $34
Atlanta: $54
Newport News/Williamsburg: $29

To/From White Plains, NY(HPN):
Atlanta: $49
Ft. Lauderdale: $59
Orlando: $54
West Palm Beach: $59


Airtran Rebrands "X-Fares" As "Airtran U," Adds New Benefit!

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Airtran has rebranded their popular x-fares program as Airtran U.
The program allows 18-22 year olds to hop onto any flight for a flat rate.
In the old program the ticket didn’t qualify for any mileage credits, however in the new one every flight segment qualifies for .5 credits!
-Short-haul segments are $69 (a connecting flight is two segments), long haul segments (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Denver) are $89 a segment.
-Valid for people 18 to 22 years old (once you turn 23 you no longer qualify)
-It is only available on a standby basis-show up at the airport, and if there’s room you’re on-if not, tough luck.
-No luggage can be checked in.
-Taxes tack on about $9/segment.
Not valid for travel on:
February 17, 20.
April 7-9, 13-16, 23.
May 26, 29.
June 18, 25, 29, 30.
July 1, 5, 9, 16.
November 21, 22, 25-27.
The last date for travel is December 15, 2007.
Airtran U Linky


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